Michelle Chen in Milan

Michelle Chen reminds us that she is quite pretty in her own right, in spite of the backlash she has received for being cast as the newest Little Dragon Maiden. Look below the cut for more pictures from this shoot she did while at the Milan Fashion Week. 

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9 thoughts on “Michelle Chen in Milan

  1. She looks too ‘modern’ for the role. I think that’s part of the problem. That, and, though she looks very pretty here, we don’t get a ‘full’ image of her face, at least not close up. I still blame the costume department and too bright lights in the official images.
    They do her no favours whatsoever.

  2. The clothing is kinda meh, but I love how she looks with her hair down in these photos! The hairstyle helps her pull off the “effortlessly chic” look very well.

    • Agreed, I love the hairstyle. I’m no fan of the clothing but I like that it shows off her curves, as opposed to the suit of armor she’s donning in ROCH.

  3. Hope she’s not going to succumb to nasty criticism of ‘not being pretty enough’ by getting plastic surgery and having her jaw and chin shaved. Her natural look distinguishes her from all those artificially enhanced beauties who look the same.

  4. Sigh… still don’t know how I should feel about her. Part of me wants to scream “TRAITOR!! TRAITOR!! TRAITOR TO THE CAUSE!!” for starring in a Yu Zheng drama given his history… the other party of me is just “Poor girl. She’s just trying to play a role. Give her some space.”

    If Yu Zheng was going to have her play xiao long nu, he should of found a hair style which would allow her to let her hair down a bit more and cover part of her face. Her face is a bit too round and needs some of that to help.

    Yu Zheng, you always give me such hope by doing period dramas but it always comes crashing down!! >:(

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