Laure Shang lights up dreams in “The Star”

The Star

Do you remember your  childhood  dreams?

As a part of the “Firefly Project” that aims to light up areas unreached by electricity supply, Laure Shang sings of the innocence of childhood her self-composed song of “The Star.”   The song praises the pure and carefree dreams of children, and ends asking the listener to lay in bed once more to look to the stars and remember their truest selves, the child within them that has yet gotten lost in the outside world.  Also listen to the live version with Hua Chenyu here, where he literally lights up.

Composer:Laure Shang


Twinkle, twinkle, little star
The sky is filled with stars
listening to your wishes and secrets
twinkling their eyes until the break of the dawn


Twinkle, twinkle, little star
as if quietly saying, I understand you
If you’re lonely, if you want to cry
let me take you to a world of dreams


Twinkle, twinkle, blooms the star
the darker the night, the more brilliantly it blossoms
although small, it is never lost
how magnificent is its brilliant courage


Twinkle, twinkle, hiding in the skies
who’s laugh is like the twinkling bells
under the pillows, lay dreams
that become wings for soaring to the sky


When we were young, we lived in ourselves
Chasing dreams, hiding in our universe
A bird in that lonely September
Finds it hard to remember
He surrendered it all
To growing and desire


Eyes, shining, gazing, at faraway
No longer, sad, wishing, to fly
Sleepwalk to return to that most beautiful time
wash away your perplexion
end the meaningless meandering
and lay on the holy bed

7 thoughts on “Laure Shang lights up dreams in “The Star”

    • I really love the lyrics and the concept, but I don’t think the song is a bit too gloomy for my tastes. I like that she’s venturing into a lot of new styles of music, but so far I’ve only really liked La Muse de la Nuit from her recent songs.

      • Darklight, do you know how popular Laure is? Her music doesn’t seem like it’ll actually succeed mainstream, but she seems pretty high profile? Her latest album is really really good and I just started digging through her discography. She’s rather eccentric lol.

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