Weibo Wednesday: September 18, 2013

The big news these past two weeks was obviously Faye Wong and Li Yapeng‘s divorce, a topic that continues to trend on Weibo. I don’t have much to say about it, except that I was not expecting it at all. But even a divorce can’t cover up the happiness of marriage, and we were lucky to get not one, but TWO celebrity weddings in the first half of September!

赫子铭: 今天我们幸福的婚了!下来后朋友问我是不是很累,我说实话我已经幸福的什么都忘了,其实这两个月最辛苦的不是我俩,而是所有的工作人员还有媒体朋友,我代表我媳妇儿感谢各位,还有那些到场和没到场的朋友们!感谢你们的祝福,因为在你们的见证下,我们的婚礼才显得格外有意义!总之铭记于心,感恩

First up are actor He Ziming and Super Girl He Jie, who wowed us with their proposal, their wedding photoshoot, and now their actual wedding ceremony. The two of them tied the knot on September 12th, and their wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. Check out these two photosets, courtesy of Nice Wedding, for some ideas for your own wedding! ;)

Today, we happily got married! After we came down, friends asked me if I was tired. To tell the truth, I was so happy that I’d forgotten everything else. The two people who went through the most difficulties these past two months actually wasn’t us, but all of the employees and our friends in the media. On behalf of me and my wife, we thank everyone, as well as the friends who could and couldn’t make it! Thank you all for your blessings, because only with you as your witnesses could our wedding seem especially meaningful! In short, engraved in my memory and heart, thank you.

陈赫: 明天你要嫁给我了。千言万语汇成一句话:哥终于圆满了!像做梦一样。最棒的是,这梦居然成真了。谢谢所有人。我爱的,爱我的,谢谢你们!谢谢你,宝贝。最后也希望所有的人都能幸福。相信爱情!

iPartment star Chen He also got married to his longtime girlfriend, Xu Jing. The two of them registered their marriage in January and held the ceremony in Thailand on September 17th. They reportedly dated for thirteen years before tying the knot. Talk about devotion. Check out their cute wedding photoshoot, as well as photos from the actual ceremony.

Tomorrow you will get married to me. Thousands of words converge into one phrase: Brother is finally satisfied! It’s like I’m dreaming. The best thing is that my dream actually came true. Thank you to everyone. The ones I love, the ones who love me, thank you all! Thank you, darling. In the end I also hope that everyone can be happy. Believe in love!

Aaand with that… we’re back to the domain of the mundane. Ha ha.


Han Dong was cast as Wei Xiaobao in the newest TV adaptation of Jin Yong‘s last novel, The Duke of Mount Deer (also sometimes translated as Royal Tramp). Uh. I’m not sure why he was cast, because he’s going to be an even more good-looking Wei Xiaobao than Huang Xiaoming was, but… well, I’m sure he’ll be able to pull it off. And I think this picture is absolutely adorable, so here you go.

The Duke of Mount Deer, here I come.

小弟王晶: 如果我是楊過,我會娶郭芙,找陸無雙當小三,然後請小龍女替我帶孩子。

In other Jin Yong adaptation news, director Wong Jing gave his (unasked for) opinion on the female cast for the upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes (or The Condor Heros [sic], according to the stills). Wong Jing was one of the many to post a knee-jerk reaction on Weibo after Yu Zheng‘s announcement that Michelle Chen would be playing the female lead — his comment read, “Such a fat Xiaolongnü?” Why so cruel, Wong Jing?

If I were Yang Guo, I would marry Guo Fu, get Lu Wushuang to be the third party, and then ask Xiaolongnü to take care of the kids for me.

For your reference, the characters from left to right are as follows: Li Mochou (Viann Zhang Xinyu), Lu Wushuang (Yoki Sun Yaoqi), Xiaolongnü (Michelle Chen), Mu Nianci (Zhao Liying), Guo Fu (Rachel Momo/Mao Xiaotong)

陳意涵: 這是在第五大道該有的態度~

For some reason, Ivy Chen was hanging out in New York City, where she did things like perform handstands at Times Square. I have no clue why she was there, and the only news I can find is that she apparently bumped into Wei Chen when abroad. Small world! Anyway, here she is on Fifth Avenue — I love the people on the left staring at her.

This is the attitude I should have when on Fifth Avenue~

至上励合张远: 新买了个ipad套

Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan showed off his new iPad cover. Is there a resemblance between cover and owner?

Bought a new iPad cover

林更新: 电脑发烫到运行迟钝,我别无选择了。

While on the subject of technology, Lin Gengxin shared his solution to an overheating laptop: stick it in the fridge. Drastic, but… if it works, I guess it’s okay?

Computer was burning hot that it was running very slowly. I had no other choice.

舒淇: 長得漂亮是優勢 , 活得漂亮是本事~努力不一定有收穫,但是不肯為自己努力就一定什麼都沒有~~

Some words of wisdom from Shu Qi.

Being beautiful is an advantage, living beautifully is skill~ Working hard may not bring you any reward, but if you’re not willing to work hard for yourself, then you definitely won’t have anything~~

刘忻: @陈晓 写真收到啦,眉眼之间超帅气,拍戏加油啦

To my surprise, Chen Xiao didn’t make it onto this week’s Weibo Wednesday, but here he is with Super Girl Liu Xin! Okay, this is actually her holding a Chen Xiao photobook, but close enough, right? Ah, the life of being a fangirl… albeit one who has more than 1.8 million followers on Weibo, lol. Anyway, the two recently filmed an MV for Liu Xin’s song, “My Dear” (亲爱的). Check out some pictures of Chen Xiao pretending to be a violinist for the video.

@Chen Xiao: Received the photobook, your appearance is very handsome, good luck with filming

8 thoughts on “Weibo Wednesday: September 18, 2013

  1. Fat and porky Wang Jing is in no position to bash Michelle Chen as ‘fat.’. She’s a thousand times cuter and better than that slimeball.

    • While he could have been more tactful, it’s really no secret that Michelle Chen is supremely unsuited for the role. As for Wong Jing being porky, he’s not playing Xiaolongnu, is he? What he looks like is irrelevant.

    • I completely agree! Michelle Chen is far from being “fat”. I personally don’t think she’s as pretty as the ideal XLN but I prefer her over Angelababy. Although I do think Angelababy is pretty, I just find her beauty to be a modern-beauty and not an ancient-beauty.

      • I think the issue is that she has babyfat on her face, which is cute in any other instance but not for the aloof XLN. And Michelle Chen’s more of a modern, cute girl-next-door vs. ancient beauty.

  2. I think based on weibo, Chen Xiao’s the fanboy here. Yu Zheng said Liu Xin is Chen Xiao’s favorite singer, and that Chen Xiao convinced Yu Zheng to let Liu Xin sing the theme for Gong the movie.

    Wow, definitely did not recognize Sun Yaoqi in that photo. Did anyone watch her Wu Song drama? How was it?

    Also, the New York Fashion Week was last(?) week. Yang Mi, Tang Yan and Amber Kuo were all in NYC.

    I actually think Han Dong’s a pretty good cast choice for this, given how well he pulled off the white-washed Tian Boguang. Although I’ve never read the book, so my impressions are purely based on previous drama versions, none of which I watched in their entirety.

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