Hong Chen Acoustic Cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds

Cici Hong Chen made an “MV” for her acoustic cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds. Don’t you think her voice is perfect for Pop R&B songs? Watch her performance of Christina Aguilera’s Hurt and Beyonce’s If I were A Boy during Super Girls 2011.

Hong Chen is now busy with the musical Star-Stealing Girl 偷星九月天, based on the manga by the same name. She plays the female lead Cang Yue 沧月 opposite boy group MIC, except for Yao Yao. Fancam snippet of her performance below.

2 thoughts on “Hong Chen Acoustic Cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds

  1. <3 her voice. My favorite cover by her during Super Girls was "If I were a boy." I wish she could sing more songs like this.

    P.S. I just noticed that the past 3 posts are all black and white, and then plus 2 that are black&white themed.

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