Photoshoot Friday: September 13, 2013

Ni Ni has outshone herself again, although Zhou Dongyu didn’t lose the cover photo without a fair fight. Zhao Wei, too, has a few gorgeous shots for this post, although a few of them make me wonder if she’s secretly a vampire; Zheng Kai cuddles a stuffed animal. Can you spot Fan Bingbing among all the other women in her photoshoot for nude lipstick? Wang Zhi and Wang Likun both deck out in white – which one pulls pulls off the look better? Look below the cut for more pictures. 

01. Ni Ni, here.

02. Fan Bingbing, here.

03. Zheng Kai, here.

04. Zhao Wei, here.

Bella…? What are you doing here?

05. Wang Likun, more here.

06. Zhou Dongyu, more here.

07. Wang Zhi

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