Fan Bingbing’s “White-Haired Witch” releases concept poster

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Did you also think this was Li Bingbing from the Forbidden Kingdom? Wrong Bingbing!

Concept art for The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, starring Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing,Yan Kuan, Vincent Zhao, Tong Yao, Li Xinru, Nicholas Tse, Wang Xuebin, has been released. The 3D film is directed by Jacob Cheung, and will be released by Bona Film Group and advised by Hark Tsui.

14 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing’s “White-Haired Witch” releases concept poster

  1. This is the movie where Huang Xiaoming was injured during filming, right? And his leg was all wonky in the audition rounds of Chinese Idol because of it?

    • After Nicky Wu’s version and what happened there I think anything will look good at this point.

      But yeah… those are definitely Fan Bingbing’s eyes. I still haven’t figured out how I feel about this… Never really saw Fan Bingbing as somebody with remarkable acting ability… more as a marketable figure who knows her way around and is trying to make a business out of it like Ruby Lin. It’s just that the way Fan Bingbing’s look as evolved over the years makes watching her works hard for me. She’s become more of an “elegant, alien peacock” in my eyes as opposed to being unmistakably Chinese… which is sad since she likes period roles. Guess this will be the most exotic looking Lian Nichang…

      On a side note, always wondered what it would be like if one of the bingbings played Xiao Longnu. *snickers*

      • I really don’t like any of the wuxia remakes recently. They’re all super colorful messes without any of the original soul of the story.

        Aww, Fan Bingbing still plays a lot of non-glam roles – Apple, Wheat, Double Exposure. I can’t really tell if someone’s amazing at acting, but Fan Bingbing’s done a decent job in all of her roles, which are a lot more varied than people may remember.

        • I can see her doing better in movies. I think her acting style is a little more exaggerated and more suitable for that medium since the goal is to get the message across quick since time is on premium. I watched Wheat and was able to enjoy that. Also, they spend more time and are more detailed in the make-up and costuming for movies so a little bit of magic can do wonders to convince people.

          It’s just that I’ve had a hard time getting into her dramas, which was most of her early career. I know she’s focused more on movies lately so fingers crossed that she’ll land a break-out role and my views will change. Anyways, this might be a bit unfair since her dramas are old and some of the production wasn’t that great then. It was kinda hard for me to get into them because she looked so different. Also, sometimes, they didn’t go easy on the mascara and her eyes already look pretty big by Asian standards so… yeah…

          Back then, I’d look at a few pictures and then think, forget it…. just… doesn’t…. ehhh…. look right…. so her dramas really became either hit or miss… Sometimes I was able to get over the initial appearances and walk away thinking, “Hey! She’s getting there!” but other times, they just dragged her down… Like when she played Daji in Fengshen Bang (the production standards back then might have seriously impacted my views as well)…

          • Oh, this is a movie (in case it wasn’t clear?) I don’t think she’s done a drama in a pretty long time, and the last one was because she produced it herself.

            • No. You’re fine. I got it. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss my views on Fan Bingbing. I have practically nobody to talk to about Chinese entertainment so sorry if I talk too much >.<

              • I think that’s why we’re all here. XD Because there’s no one else to talk to. Now that you mention it, though, I don’t think I’ve finished any drama of Fan Bingbing’s other than HuanZhuGeGe.

                • Same here… but HZGG was more because that was “what was hot” then and I was stuck on vacation on a house boat full of Chinese school parents who were all fanning it… so yeah… XD

                  Well… Chinese dramas were still largely in their early development stages then… some of them still are but we’re seeing growth in production standards and story though some choices they make are still cringe-worthy. I’m just happy that most companies have dumped cheap-looking plastics, lace, synthetically made poof balls, pipe-cleaners, badly placed and obviously synthetic feathers, grandmother curtain fabric for clothing (still sadly working on this one sometimes), shiny and crappy CGI (still working on this one but it’s better than before… have to give them some credit), etc. If we can drop cheap-looking fabrics in general (there was still some of it in lanling wang. My heart dropped when I saw them still using fake-looking synthetic gold cloth. It just looks fake when used in that manner… gold doesn’t work like that. It’s a metal!!) I’d be even more happy. OOOOOH! And stop with the attempts at making clothing out of peacock feathers!! >:( It may sound good on paper but unless you can do it with style instead of making the actress look like a blue-green chicken, you’re doing it wrong!! >:(

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