Shining Days With Peter Ho and Li Qin


Li Qin: Oh! FOOD! I haven’t been fed for days!!

Shining Days 璀璨人生 is the story of half-sisters Yu Fei and Ye Lin, who were switched at birth. Peter Ho 何润东 plays the “prince” who became caught up in the sisters’ rivalry, it’s not hard to guess who he started out with and who he’ll end up with, but let’s pretend that we haven’t watched a zillion other Asian drama with the same game plan. The sisters are played by Li Qin 李沁 as the “real princess” and Kang Qingzi 阚清子 as the “fake princess”. The drama also features Michael Zhang 张勋杰 (The Outsiders) as the second male lead, who abandons his childhood friend in pursue of wealth.

Peter Ho singing the theme song Calling Awake Love 叫醒爱to the drama below and beautiful stills below the cut. The drama is currently airing on HNTV.


10 thoughts on “Shining Days With Peter Ho and Li Qin

  1. Personally, I’m hoping that Michael Zhang lays off the glasses and mess up his hair a bit. He’s been on that same look for ages…. We want to see yo faceeee, hottie.

    The first eight episodes consisted of two adorable girls (the child versions of Li Qin and Kang Qingzi) and buckets of tears. Cuz you know, with the birth-switching….

    • Not just having the same look….all the dramas I’m interested in that he’s also in, he’s always the second male lead…never the first! And he never gets the girl. I really like him, ever since outsiders but esp white robe of love. I really do, but it’s hard to love/follow a guy who always ends up second (and in the early days, often second to Dylan…)

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