Nicky Wu,Liu Shishi collaborate (again) for “Incisive Great Master”

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If Nicky Wu was your teacher, how much less likely would you be to skip school? He and LIu Shishi are collaborating once again for Incisive Great Master, where he plays the pugilist-turned-teacher Liu Aotian, and she plays the “old maid” Lu Yunfei. They are joined by Huo Zhengyan, tenth-prince Ye Zuxin (a rich-boy student), and Gui Gui (the class representative). Nicky Wu himself is producing this drama. More stills are found under the cut!

Synopsis: Jianghu pugilist Liu Aotian becomes a teacher at the Hongwen School. Due to a misunderstanding, the “spinster” Lu Yunfei follows him to the school and also becomes a teacher. In between their constant bickering, they oversee the growth of their (sometimes zany) students. Slap, slap, kiss; romance begins to bloom between the duo, but Huo Zhengyan’s Nie Yuanxin enters the picture as another male teacher, and the third leg of the love triangle. At the same time, there is a more sinister plot biding its time within the Hongwen School…

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