Weibo Wednesday: September 4, 2013

林更新: 发一张,参加童年那个比赛。

Anyone want to guess who this fine fella is? Why, none other than our Fourteenth Prince, Lin Gengxin! It seems he was jealous about being left off this list of beauties, so he decided to show them up. What do you think — can he compare to Ma Tianyu?

I’ll post a photo of that contest I participated in when I was little.

林更新: 我在马兰坡被害啦! 今晚八点请看快乐大本营…

And as if we didn’t have enough awesomeness from him this week, check out what Lin Gengxin looks like in a Despicable Me Minion T-shirt! (I think I have this shirt, actually… or something like it.) He’s also wearing a Monsters University cap. Maybe he’s wearing shoes related to a Dreamworks Animation movie?

I was harmed at the Malan slopes!* Please watch Happy Camp this evening at eight…

* This is where the recording office of Happy Camp is located.

姜潮: 据调查,大学生有14%上网成瘾,剩下的86%由于忙于上网而拒绝配合接受调查。

Jiang Chao continues being a weirdo… but gives us some humorous stats about college-age netizens in the process.

According to surveys, 14% of college students are addicted to the Internet. The remaining 86% declined to participate in this survey because they were too busy going on the Internet.

王珞丹: 今日第一拳

Watch out — if you’re not careful, Wang Luodan just might beat you up. She’ll be playing the role of the Thirteenth Aunt in Roy Chow‘s upcoming movie Rise of the Legend (黄飞鸿之英雄有梦), which stars Eddie Peng as martial arts legend Wong Fei-hung. Eddie had to go through intense training for the role, and it seems like Wang Luodan is getting the same treatment.

The first fist of the day

JeremyLin林书豪: 我第一次抱熊猫。你们猜一下这个熊猫几岁了?

Celebrities are instantly more interesting when they’re hugging a panda. Here we have Jeremy Lin, in such close proximity to a panda for the first time. ROFL at how it looks completely uninterested in him.

My first time hugging a panda. Guess how old this panda is.

陳妍希michelle: 不要忘了去想像,不要忘了去做夢,不要忘了去相信人有無限的可能。I believe that pigs can fly!

She still may not look like everyone’s mental image of Xialongnü, but you’ve got to give some kudos to Michelle Chen for standing strong despite being blasted by everyone (except for Yu Zheng) after the announcement that she would be playing Xialongnü in the upcoming adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣). Initially, she made a post acknowledging that she may not look like the “classic Xialongnü” in everyone’s eyes, but that she would work hard to bring out a new interpretation of the character. Best of luck, I guess.

Don’t forget to imagine, don’t forget to dream, don’t forget to believe that people have unlimited possibilities. I believe that pigs can fly!

陈晓: 前一分钟我还在自拍,后一分钟。。。就断电了。。。

In related news, Michelle’s costar Chen Xiao (he’ll be playing Yang Guo) is busying himself with taking selcas… although electricity seems to be against him, hehe. OH NOES!

Just the other minute I was taking pictures of myself, but in the next minute…the power cut out…

柯震東Kai: 不管發生多嚴重的事!!肚子餓了就是要吃飯!不然心情不好情緒不好是什麼事都無法解決的

And here we have some words of wisdom from Kai Ko about…eating when you’re hungry. Yep, he knows what’s up.

No matter how serious of a thing happens!! If you’re hungry, then you have to eat! Otherwise you’ll be in a bad mood, and when you’re in a bad mood, nothing can settle that.

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  1. I love that Chen Xiao and Kai Ko are always getting featured here hehe. Cutie pies. Good job with this post Jo! And seriously pumped up for that Eddie Peng and Wang Luo Dan movie.

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