Street Style: Last Reminder of Summer

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Sunny clothes and sunny smile for Joe Chen Qiao’en.

As summer comes to an end – August is gone already – fashionable c-celebs end it in style. (Or really, Cfensi introduces you to their pretty clothes so we can slide out of that season with style). Look below the cut for Wang LIkun, Nicky Wu, Ma Su, and more.

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Wang Likun

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Mo Xiaoqi

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Zhang Zilin

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Li Jun

 photo 19142_293119_945220_zps95e9d1db.jpg

Duan Xu

 photo 19142_293114_562745_zpsc1c837b6.jpg

Huang Jue

 photo 19142_293117_975995_zps158c95db.jpg

Tu Songyan

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Ma Su

 photo 44372_744541_795038_zps5d3a6d4e.jpg

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 photo 32972_1853489_188153_zps760cea4c.jpg
 photo 44150_72033_177064_zps54ce96f4.jpg
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  1. I love your street-style posts, they are a lot of fun to look at. *W* How they pull off those outfits though, I will never know. :P

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