Top Combine is the “Chocolate Bar”


Top Combine covered in Chocolate because… they’re the Chocolate Bar?

After Top Combine’s mature and sophisticated image in Luck, You Are Here 还好有你在, they are back with a sexy masculine image for Chocolate Bang 巧克力Bang. All the songs on the EP are composed by either Zhang Yuan or Ma Xueyang, including one song featuring Ma Yueyang as the producer. Watch TC dance in a box the MV for the title song Chocolate Bang below.

Fancam of a very special performance from their VeeLive concert below the cut.

1 thought on “Top Combine is the “Chocolate Bar”

  1. lol at Xueyang and Xiao Mei peeking under Zhang Yuan’s skirt in the second video…

    I do not understand the MV at all… but yay for gratuitous shirtlessness?

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