Huang Xiaoming, James Bond style

This is the very, very, very best picture. Ever.

Not only can Huang Xiaoming pose as an iconic demagogue, but he is also very attractive as James Bond.

Since jjss08 is incoherent from staring at the feature photo, this post must be cut short. If you want more pictures, you can look here to see Huang Xiaoming hanging out with Dwight Howard (of the NBA) here. This is actually a reference to Huang’s upcoming film Amazing 神奇, directed by Sherwood Hu.

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6 thoughts on “Huang Xiaoming, James Bond style

  1. And Angelababy gets crap for being a soft model? Please. Nothing she’s done is this close to porn.

    • completely agree…I wondered if the leg thing was an inside James bond joke, haha~
      <3 his jaw in the first picture~ love bazaar :P

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