Photoshoot Friday: August 30, 2013

Pretty, pretty, pretty – let the extravaganza of pictures in this post make up for its tardiness. This week’s shoot includes Xu Jinglei in floral for Femina, Zhang Yuqi dazzling with silver jewelry, Jiang Yiyan delicate with pretty dresses, Jing Tian in white against azure, and Sun Li gorgeous with red lips and tomboy black-and-white. Yang Mi is cute with a short bob and cute clothes; Fan Bingbing also sports a bob (and an afro). Maggie Cheung is decked out in neon pinks and oranges, (so is Gao Yuanyuan; who do you think pulls off that style better?) and Yang Mi appears again, glamorous with wavy hair for Cosmopolitan. He Dujuan is delicate and girlish for Cosmopolitan, while Ni Ni pulls off a sultrier look. 

01. Xu JInglei, more here

02. Zhang Yuqi, more here.

03. Jiang Yiyan, more here

04. Jing Tian, more here.

05. Sun LI, more here.

06. Yang Mi, more here.

07. Li Yuchun, more here.

08. Fan Bingbing, more here.

09. Yang Mi, more here.  

10. Cecilia Cheung , more here. And here.

11. He Dujuan, more here.

12. Gao Yuanyuan, more here.

13. Ni Ni, more here.

14. Fan Bingbing, more here.

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