Super Boy 2013: Fan, Wei, and Song to Come Back to Stage and Yang Mi is chosen as guest judge!

can you spot the tag-along?

can you spot the tag-along? It’s vampire-hottie Julaiti!

Fan Shiqi, Wei Yining, Song Wei barreled through the competition with flying colors last Saturday, scoring the only three seats on YY’s Revival Competition (which, for those who are unclear what that is, it’s an alternate stage for eliminated Super Boy contestants to compete in order to get revived into the main stage) as finalists. While Fan teams up with Julaiti for a thrilling revisit of boy group EXO’s hit song “History” (personally I enjoyed their cover of EXO’s MAMA more), Wei Yining wins the hearts of Chinese fans with his soulful performances of “Starry Starry Night” from the same-title Taiwanese film and his original piece called “Little Fish”. Finally, Song Wei bursts into the round, making a place on the third and final spot – a surprising, but well deserved 3rd finalist; performing a song called “Runaway Mama”.

Although all three boys will have a showcase performance this Friday on the Super Boy stage for the Top 10 into 6 round, keep in mind that there is only one finalist from YY’s Revival (out of the 3) to compete the main competition for the Top 5+1. Will it be the ever-popular Wei Yining, the fastest-rising-fan-base-hottie Fan Shiqi, or the hardworking-and-rock-n-roll Song Wei?

Yang Mi is this week's chosen V-goddess

Yang Mi is this week’s chosen V-goddess

On another note, this Friday’s guest judge (V-goddess) has been revealed to be actress Yang Mi. She’s revealed on her weibo that he was both anxious and excited to be guesting after Guo Jingming (who made an appearance in last Friday’s show).

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By the way, I agree with whoever said Fan Shiqi should be in a boy band because after this, I couldn’t believe how explosive he would be in a duo with Julaiti. You work it boy!

10 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013: Fan, Wei, and Song to Come Back to Stage and Yang Mi is chosen as guest judge!

  1. Hi thanks for uploading the links :) I think Wei Yining is not bad at singing compared to the
    Song Wei’s runaway mama. As a fan of yoga lin, I cringed after hearing his rendition.

    • I’ve already updated the original post with links to all three finalists’ performances. Check my reply to Tracy’s comment above for a video of the entire Revival competition.

    • Yup yup, it is. Personally I find it a good idea because it gets the viewers to anticipate and guess who the next famous celebrity to appear on the show. Eye candy is always a good ratings booster :) And you see them outside of just acting in dramas.

    • The v-goddess also has some degree of choice I think because of which judge she gets to replace. If she likes a certain contestant more, she might decide to replace the judge that voted for his opponent! Therefore, although v-goddess always votes what the audience wants, she can still change the results based on her own personal preferences! (at least this is the way I see it unless I misunderstood)

  2. Thanks for the post! How do I watch other performances in the Revival competition? I really wanna see Wei Yining!

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