Weibo Wednesday: August 28, 2013

刘亦菲: 感谢这么多的祝福和爱,朋友 家人 和所有爱我的人,我的影迷 and also thank my Thai fans, I’ve watched the birthday video,lots of love in it! Thank u guys

August 25th was Crystal Liu Yifei‘s birthday (she’s 26!), so Weibo was filled with costars, friends, and fans wishing her the best. Here she is with an adorable birthday cake with ducks on it. Why her fans didn’t pick kittens is beyond me, but ducks are cute too.

Thank you friends, family, and all of those who love me, my fans, for all of these blessings and love, and also thank my Thai fans, I’ve watched the birthday video,lots of love in it! Thank u guys

陈坤: 长大后的世界,依然和儿童时代一样,你打一拳,我还两拳。没啥趣!

Guys (and gals), help me out here… did Chen Kun get a tattoo? It looks way too elaborate to be one of those temporary tattoos, or even the henna ones. He never struck me as the tattoo type, but I’m really not a big enough fan of him to know.

The world after you grow up is still the same as during your childhood years. You hit me, I’ll hit you back twice. Nothing interesting!

薛之谦: 我一直以为我古装一定不行…….怎么样…… 像不像公公…….

Jacky Xue is going to act in an ancient series! Not sure yet what the series will be, although some fans have said it will be the TV version of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (龙门飞甲).

I always thought I definitely wouldn’t be able to do ancient costumes… what do you think… do I look like a eunuch…

凤小岳: 大家最近好嗎? 看到這照片,有想念的味道,謝謝鳳梨們

Man, why do celebrities get such good food? Here is Rhydian Vaughan, one of the best things about the Tiny Times movie (I’m such an unbiased source, lolol), making us jealous with his stash of sweets.

How has everyone been recently? Seeing this photograph brings back the taste of remembering. Thank you, pineapples*

*Rhydian’s fans are called pineapples (fengli), derived from his Chinese surname (feng).

至上励合刘洲成kenny: 对不起,不能把你的眼泪还你

Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng posted a pic of himself reading in a bookstore while wearing a basketball jersey. I love photos of people reading, so I’m including this, but I have no idea why he added such an incongruous caption.

I’m sorry, I cannot return your tears to you

陈赫: 我小时候的王者之气,怎么现在没了呢?

Baby pics of celebrities are still a huge thing at Cfensi, judging from the amount of love that this post still gets, so have a photo of iPartment‘s Chen He when he was a wee lad.

My kingly energy when I was a kid. How come I no longer have it?

何炅: 刚刚问林更新,好久不见你是不是长个儿了?他说没有啊!嘉嘉在旁边担心地说:我最近也常常觉得别人长个儿了,是不是我们年纪太大了,缩了?这让我非常担心。

And last but not least, we have Happy Camp hosts He Jiong and Li Weijia, who are worried about the onset of osteoporosis…

I just asked Lin Gengxin: “Long time no see, did you get taller?” He said, “No!” At my side, Jiajia said worriedly, “Recently, I’ve also frequently thought that people have grown a little. Is it because we’re too old and have shrunk?” This made me extremely worried.

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