Photoshoot Roundup: Bridal Edition

Following their success in One Night Surprise, Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee provided a little ship tease by posing together for Cosmo Bride. Joining the wedding procession are Zhang Ziyi, Yang Mi, and Tang Wei, each with their own pretty white dresses – who would you steal from? (I have a bias for Qin Lan’s feather gown here.) There’s also Bai Baihe, in a gorgeous Southeast Asian temple, and Zhang Xinyi, who poses with cheongsams with Li Cheng.

On another note, Zhou Xun isn’t the only one returning to television drama. Fan Bingbing’s upcoming drama The Young Girl Wu Zetian is finally prepping up as well. 

01。 Fan Bingbing, more here.

02. Zhang Ziyi, more here.

a03. Yang MI.

04. Tang Wei

05. Aarif Lee, for fun.

06. Bai Baihe

06. Zhang Xinyi and Li Cheng

6 thoughts on “Photoshoot Roundup: Bridal Edition

  1. Tang Wei is really pretty. My friend and I once said that the individual features of Tang Wei looks pretty normal but when they are put together, they form a pretty and unique Tang Wei.

    She always gives off this cool ambience that makes her very attractive!

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