Photoshoot Friday: August 23, 2013

Kitty Zhang Yuqi went to Tibet and left us with a few pictures of her on camels horned animals. Zhao Liying, fresh from her role as a little carp spirit in Legend of the Mermaid, now becomes even more endearing as a silver-horned devil, and then a secret agent. Shu Qi is elegant as usual, for Bazaar; Bai Baihe seems a little disconcerted for Let’s. Li Bingbing is fresh and pretty in a green shoot for Trendslife, and Liu Xin finishes off the shoot in a leather corset and jacket. Look below the cut for more pictures. 

01. Zhang Yuqi, more here

02. Zhao Liyin, more here.

03. Shu Qi, here.

04. Bai Baihe, here.

05.  LIu Shishi

06. Liu Xin

07. Zhao Liying

 photo 704_1053126_799820_zps51581e5d.jpg
 photo 704_1053125_872413_zps6f7f9e77.jpg
08. Li Bingbing for Trendshealth
 photo 704_1055138_719231_zps4755991c.jpg
 photo 704_1055133_828667_zpsa11cb59d.jpg
 photo 704_1055135_225403_zps94123963.jpg

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    • I don’t know.
      But if it is Hu Ge/Liu Shishi fans will go crazy~
      There was that newsbit about them going to the supermarket together, right?

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