Zhou Dongyu is a red rose, a white rose for Bazaar

We kid you not. This is Zhou Dongyu, looking more like Gong Li from Raise the Red Lantern in our feature photo than the sweet schoolgirl of My Ol’ Classmate or  innocent palace maid of Palace. To emphasize the contrast, the Mou-girl supplements the sultry maturity of her scarlet cheongsam shoots with less surprising shots in vintage white. Look below the cut for the rest of what Bazaar has themed a Red Rose and White Rose photo shoot. 

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4 thoughts on “Zhou Dongyu is a red rose, a white rose for Bazaar

  1. She looks like Zhang Ziyi. Not not Gong li. Too girly to look like Gong li. Gong Li has the face of a very seductive voluptuous woman. Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Dongyu is beautiful but very slender girly.
    That is only my personal opinion being a big Gong Li fan.

  2. She’s so beautiful :D But I don’t fancy the drawn-into-a-line eyebrows. Looks like they didn’t bother blending it with the rest of her face which distracts from the overall elegance of the picture

  3. I love the cheongsam/qipao in the third picture <3 And the colors! She looks a lot like Zhang Ziyi/Gong LI in the "red rose" pictures…

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