Weibo Wednesday: August 21, 2013

The dreaded question has arisen… who is cuter: Nicky Wu, or a Despicable Me Minion dressed like Nicky? For those who are wondering, the first one is Emperor Yongzheng from Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心), now immortalized at Madame Tussauds, and the second is Zhan Lang from To Advance Toward the Victory (向着胜利前进).

吴奇隆TD: 偷圖的又來了

The one who steals photos has come back

Lin Gengxin gives fans a glimpse of his facial cleansing rituals. He and co-star Zhou Dongyu can compete for best skin while they film My Ol’ Classmate (同桌的你).

林更新: 脸与氨基酸洁面膏的那点事儿

That business with my face and the amino acid face-cleaning mask

Because we all know Weibo is a place to air your embarrassing photos, have Jiang Chao with a bubble of snot…

姜潮: 刚刚拍了一场哭戏.把病危的女主角哭笑了…

Just filmed a crying scene. Made the terminally ill female lead cry from laughter…

And here is Roy Qiu sitting in a bathtub, ’cause that’s how he rolls. He’s doing back-to-back dramas with director Zhang Xiaozheng: first was the upcoming Wine Beauty (红酒俏佳人) with Myolie Wu and Li Sheng, and he’s currently filming one tentatively titled Super Cinderella (超级灰姑娘), in which he’ll swap New Huan Zhu Ge Ge‘s Xiao Yanzi (Li Sheng) for Ziwei (Hai Lu).

邱澤日記: 報告@導演張孝正 小的盡力而為

Reporting @Director Zhang Xiaozheng: I tried my best

Ady An and Jordan Chan will be appearing in the upcoming movie My Fourth Husband (我的第4個老公). It looks like they got along quite well on set, no?

安以轩: "秦思思"實在是不好意思先殺青,這些日子來謝謝台前幕后的每一位照顾@陳小春 雖然尚未殺青但今日也可趕回家看寳貝兒子,在現場開心笑的嘴都快裂了~到底誰殺青呀?比我興奮!(殺青拍照時才發現工作人員男女比例30:1 全是勇士。)

“Qin Si Si” is really sorry to finish filming first. I thank everyone on stage and behind the scenes for their care these days. @Jordan Chan: Although you haven’t finished filming, you can still go home today to see your beloved son. On set, you smiled so happily that your mouth almost split~ Who’s the one finishing filming? Even more excited than I am! (It wasn’t until I was taking photos after finishing filming that I realized the male-to-female ratio among the workers was 30:1. They are all warriors.

And for those dreading the Back to School time, don’t worry, Top Combine will be there to help you! Minus Jin Ensheng, ’cause he’s busy.

至上励合_: 张老湿,你不会是教数学的语文老师吧?小美童鞋做不出来的题目,爱学习的小马童鞋想抢答……where is 小五 ?他请假去天天思密达啦!

Teacher Zhang, you wouldn’t happen to be a language and literature teacher who teaches math, would you? Classmate Xiao Mei can’t figure out the problem. Classmate Xiao Ma, who loves learning, wants to steal the opportunity to answer… Where is Xiao Wu? He requested a leave so he could go to Tian Tian [Xiang Shang] seumnida!

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  1. These are all so cute! Jiang Chao’s snot bubble looks so out of place…and it seems to be such an HQ picture, lol.
    Also, the minions are too cute…!

  2. I wonder if Xiao Wu find it offensive when people use 思密达 when they talk to him. I know TC and TTXS members aren’t using it a malicious sort of way, but a lot of people uses it to poke fun of Koreans.

    Nicky Wu minions are so cute <3

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