Wei Chen and Hannah Quinlivan are “Secret Lovers”


What’s with this new trend of featuring non-Asian girls in MVs?

Wei Chen, or Vision as he would like to be called, released his fourth album 登”封”造极 in preparation of his upcoming Beijing concert. The mini album was co-produced by Wei Chen *applauds* and can be purchased via amazon.cn. He’s also adding “author” to his growing resume with the publication of his semi autobiography Idol By My Way 我不是谁的偶像, tracing his (Wei Chen’s) road to stardom (this is available on sina book).

The first single Secret Lover 封面恋人 was penned by Wei Chen, and composed by Wei Chen and Han Xingzhou. In addition, Da Move 大目 was invited to arrange the song’s choreography. Finally adding buzz to the single, the MV featured Hannah Quinlivan (aka Jay Chou’s underage rumored girlfriend) as Wei Chen’s love interest.

9 thoughts on “Wei Chen and Hannah Quinlivan are “Secret Lovers”

    • I have no idea how to translate this, it’s something like “officially getting high (in a party sense)” or “to high and get on the (magazine) cover” something along those lines I think. I know 造极 is suppose to mean get high or get the party started.

      • Uh, I think it’s a pun on 造极登峰, which means to reach the height of one’s profession in abilities. I don’t think it’s related to parties or getting high.

          • It’s not really a climbing thing. It’s usually more like mastery of an art of skill. Like his martial arts are 造极登峰.
            登”封” alone can be to make it on the cover of a magazine, so it’s a pun that connects the title song with the idiom.

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