Music Monday: August 19, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

It’s been a while since the last Music Monday. But this week’s selection is decent enough to make up for it … I hope.

Well Li Wei‘s 李炜 motto Enjoy My Life or ELIFE – live an entertaining and easy with earnest and energy.

New MV Releases

Kiva Ding Shaohua 丁少华 first appeared on the singing competition Absolutely Sing 绝对唱响 in 2009, but only gained fame after participating on The Voice of China in 2012. Though the first single Homebody Everywhere 宅无处不在 may be just another guitar playing guy singing about their zai (宅) life style, but it’s still a catchy tune.

In their usual comforting and inspirational style, Milk@Coffee 牛奶咖啡 ask you to have some Faith in Youth 信仰年轻 with this light uplifting tune.

Another nicely MV by gogomusic for Ben Xi‘s 本兮 single Heartbeat 某个心跳. The new record label specializes in finding and cultivating talents in Post-90s aspiring musicians.

It’s been a while since Huan Zi/Fandy Su 欢子 has released anything, but to mark his 10th year in the industry, he released Is The Love You Gave Me Still There 你给我的爱还在不在 featuring Han Xiaoxun 韩小薰.

Xu Yuteng 徐誉滕 is singing about what it’s like to have a family in Honey I’m Pregnant 亲爱的我有了, the content of the lyrics are to decipher from this hilariously cheesy MV.

Huang Yong 黄勇 add some variety to this week’s playlist with Courage Courage 勇敢勇敢, a song dedicated to friendship.

Yang Xiaoman 楊小曼 is full of Hope 希望. She released her first album You’ll Never Understand 你永远都不懂 earlier this year.

Tan Jiexi 谭杰希 finally released his debut album Reliable Student 赖校生 this month. The MV for the single Happy Times 快乐的时光 features Mikan Liu Meihan 刘美含, who is currently the maid of Super Boy castle.

Relevant OSTs

Ending song for Alec Su Youpeng 苏有朋 produced drama Destiny by Love 非缘勿扰. Starring: Alec Su, Qin Lan 秦岚, and Xiong Naijin 熊乃瑾.

Tao Beina 姚貝娜 sings the theme song to the drama of Mulan: Woman General 巾帼大将军. Starring: Elanne Kwong 江若琳, Yuan Hong 袁弘, and Chen Sicheng 陈思成.

Liu Xin 刘忻 sings the theme song to movie The Palace 宫锁沉香. Starring: Zhou Dongyu 周冬雨, Chen Xiao 陈晓, Zhu Zixiao 朱梓骁, and Zhao Liying 赵丽颖.

Na Ying sings the theme song to movie Crimes of Passion 一场风花雪月的事. Starring: Jae Hee and Angelababy.. and Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 who somehow became the male lead during promotion.

Wen Zhang 文章 sings the insert song to his self starred and self-directed movie Little Daddy 小爸爸. The movie features Wen Zhang and his real life wife Ma Yili 马伊琍 as new parents.

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