Zhang Xinyi, stylish all around

From Paris to London, and them some beyond, actress Zhang Xinyi is one extraordinarily stylish lady. Red lips, gorgeous pink dresses, orange skirts, tons of black high heels – this lady knows how to pull them all off. Enjoy this amalgamation of her photoshoots, featuring her in a range of beautiful places from across the world. Watch out for  her upcoming movie with Zhang Guoli, “Second Life of My Husband”, coming out in September!  photo 33667_191860_384157_zps51dcb920.jpg
 photo 33487_1799959_986690_zps14485637.jpg
 photo 33487_1799960_623309_zps1b183e3d.jpg
 photo 33487_1799961_936421_zps092aaabf.jpg
 photo 33487_1799963_552790_zps508858d2.jpg
 photo 40053_1748629_445336_zpsd5dfbc27.jpg
 photo 21242_1718187_917371_zps9ed31b77.jpg
 photo 21242_1718189_601578_zps29ce42ec.jpg

 photo 3135_1250115_265717_zps2ecb0cae.jpg
 photo 33667_191864_956957_zps61514c57.jpg
 photo 33667_191861_3641701_zpsc82e13d3.jpg

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  1. I love the first two. So pretty. I feel like she must have a lot of photographer friends because she seems to have photoshoots every other week, and they’re all gorgeous

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