Weibo Wednesday: August 14, 2013

Apologies for being so MIA with Weibo Wednesday recently! Luckily, Weibo posts can be enjoyed whenever and wherever, so here’s a look at some posts from the past month or so. First up we have Yang Mi and Ma Tianyu, who became sisters-of-sorts while filming Gu Jian Qi Tan (古剑奇谭).

杨幂: 曾经再熟悉的绯闻情侣也抵不住终有一日我们成了姐妹花[可怜]

Even the most familiar rumored couple cannot resist our becoming sisters one day

For quite a while lately, Crystal Liu Yifei has been channeling her inner cat…

刘亦菲 : 亲爱的 我们互换身份生活一周如何

Dear, why don’t we switch lives for a week.

Here, she’s back to being a human but is still cuddling an enormous, fuzzy cat.

刘亦菲: 累了 给个拥抱

Tired, give a hug

Tang Yan also decides to join in with the cat fun while on the set of Perfect Couple (金玉良缘), a period drama that reunites her with Wallace Huo from Chinese Paladin.

唐嫣: 女孩,丢什么都别丢了自己

Girls, if you lose something, do not lose yourself

Since we can never have enough cuteness, especially celebrities with cute plushies, have some Yu Kewei with an adorable bunny plush.

郁可唯: 我爱兔纸爱我!托兔照五枚 上海,掰掰啦!

I love it when bunnies love me! Shanghai, bye bye!

NetEase’s plush can’t compare to the Sohu fox plush in terms of cuteness, but this is still adorable! There needs to be a photoshoot of Rhydian Vaughan with cute plushies. :3

凤小岳: 大家午安,北京的午餐要吃什麼好?誰可以給我一點建議呢?

Good afternoon, everyone. What’s good to eat for lunch in Beijing? Who can give me a suggestion?

Anyone wants a big portrait of Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng? Too late, Xiao Mei already claimed it.

至上励合刘洲成kenny: 卖油画的少年

A youth who bought an oil painting

No fair, Huang Xiaoming still looks so darned good even when he’s wearing guyliner.

黄晓明: 今天化了烟熏妆,有些忐忑。改变即冒险。其实只是想让看着一路长大的选手知道,我和你们一起战斗,我和你们一起改变。你看着我,多一点信心,改变自己,没什么大不了。

I was a bit disturbed about putting on eye makeup today. Change even if it is a risk. Actually I just wanted to let the contestants, who have come so far, learn that I will fight with you and change with you. Look at me, with a bit more confidence, there’s nothing serious about changing yourself.

If you thought celebrities were immune from food cravings, think again… oh well, you can’t blame JJ Lin when he’s faced with so much good food.

林俊杰: 好大的白灼蝦!!膽固醇原諒我!

Such big white boiled shrimp!! Forgive me, cholesterol!

Wang Leehom went home to spend Chinese Father’s Day (August 8th) with his parents and his younger brother.

王力宏: 在家吃媽媽煮的菜。。。無價!

At home eating Mom’s cooking… priceless!

Nicky Wu made it into Madame Tussauds’ museum of waxwork figures in Shanghai with his character, Emperor Yongzheng, from Bu Bu Jing Xin. He also took out some time to romance Sun Li‘s Zhen Huan wax figure, hehe.

吴奇隆TD: 我在上海,我想去杜莎夫人蠟像館,聽說那裡有個伙計長的跟我一模一樣,我們去查查他的證件

I’m at Shanghai, I want to see the waxwork figures at Madame Tussauds. I’ve heard that there fellow who looks exactly like me. Let’s go see his credentials.

Daniel Wu posted a photo of his wife, Lisa S., and his now two-month-old daughter Raven.

我們的女兒斐然 (Raven), 已經出世兩個月了,今日我們已陸續把每一件禮物送到各傳媒,由於數量太多及地區的差別,所以未必能在今日截稿前全部送達,我們都很無奈和抱歉,希望各位見諒! 至於其他的親朋戚友及工作伙伴,我們也會儘快繼續寄出,與你們分享我們的喜悅。 Lisa & Daniel”>吳彥祖: 我們的女兒斐然 (Raven), 已經出世兩個月了,今日我們已陸續把每一件禮物送到各傳媒,由於數量太多及地區的差別,所以未必能在今日截稿前全部送達,我們都很無奈和抱歉,希望各位見諒! 至於其他的親朋戚友及工作伙伴,我們也會儘快繼續寄出,與你們分享我們的喜悅。 Lisa & Daniel

Our daughter Feiran (Raven) is two months old already. Today we sent out gifts to every mdia, one after the other, but because the volume is too big and due to the difference in regions, the delivery may not come in time. We are helpless to do anything and apologize, and we hope that everyone will forgive us! As for our other relatives, friends, and work partners, we will do our best to send them out as soon as possible, so we can share our joy with you. Lisa & Daniel

And they may not have a daughter yet, but we’re hoping to get children from them soon! Vanness Wu registered his marriage with longtime girlfriend Arissa Cheo on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

吳建豪Van Ness Wu: 我衝動了! 神祝福大家God bless 吳建豪Van Ness Wu與石貞善Arissa Cheo已於2013年8月9日按新加坡法律提出結婚申請,兩人希望把幸福分享給所有的朋友們,也盼各界給予祝福。

I was impulsive! God bless everyone. Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo applied for marriage according to Singaporean laws on August 9, 2013. The two of us hope that our happiness can be shared with all of our friends, and we look forward to the blessings everyone can give.

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