Ariel Lin,Feng Shaofeng are a loving couple in the Prince of Orchid Hills

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Feng Shaofeng and Ariel Lin share a few moments of happiness in the King of Lanling’s ultimately tragic life. The drama comes out August 14th.

The upcoming drama Prince of Orchid Hills (Lanling) is set 1400 years ago, set against the strife between the Northern Qi and Northern Zhou dynasties. It features Feng Shaofeng as the  titular Prince of Orchid Hills,  a man who was in legend so beautiful that he had to wear a mask going into battle (his clan had some horrible genes for mental stability, but some pretty good ones for physical attractiveness). The Prince of Orchid Hills lead the Northern Qi to great glory, and during one confrontation with the Northern Zhou, accidentally entered a border village. In this village he meets Yang Xuewu (Ariel Lin), and the two fall in love. 
Wanting the support of Xuewu’s village, the Emperor of the Northern Zhou (Daniel Chan) plots to undermine their relationship. After much tribulation, the two finally find their way together, and govern Orchid Hills so well that it becomes the most rich and populous land in all of Qi. The emperor of Norhtern Qi, Gao Zhan, excessively praised the Prince of Orchid Hills, thus inciting the jealousy of the Crown Prince Gao Wei against the Prince…Look under the cut for stills.

Spoiler: In history, the Prince of Orchid Hills receives a cup of poisoned wine from the jealous Gao Wei, now emperor. Lanling drinks it, and not long after, the Northern Zhou succeeds in the struggle against the Northern Qi and massacres most of the royal family.
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13 thoughts on “Ariel Lin,Feng Shaofeng are a loving couple in the Prince of Orchid Hills

  1. ❤️ this drama damn much. Feng Shao Feng did very well. His appearance, acting skills was very good that I would rate 100%!!! Ariel Lin either. 😄

  2. I watched the first episode…in between wondering how the girl could think /that/ was a woman, I’m finding that Feng Shaofeng is actually carrying the “pretty-boy” feeling better than I thought he would~ (Probably a combo from his acting + me trying really hard)
    Still kind of wish an actual woman had been cast xD

    • I wish Feng Shaofeng would stick to the Xiangyu type roles. I can’t imagine someone mistaking him for a girl.
      I feel like a lot of men would’ve worked for the role. Chen Xiao is the first to come to mind given his performance in Swordsman.

    • Was laughing so hard when Ariel thought that he was a girl, definitely did not look anything like one even from the just the back and the long hair.

      • ikr? And she kept raving about how “beautiful” the scene was.
        I just…Feng Shaofeng did well, given the physique he was born with, but…
        Chen Xiao, Ma Tianyu, even Hu Ge; they would have fit the role better. But I think Feng Shaofeng had a role in the production, so I guess it makes sense he’s the lead.

        • I love historical drama or movie it doesn’t matter if u think he get his lead role for being part of Production that makes him a good actor.Hope more coming movie and drama together w/ Ariel Lin and Feng Shaofeng they are compatible.Is their a chance 4 them n da future? just kidding but true!:D

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