Nicky Wu joins other Chinese Celebs with their own wax figurines

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Looks like Liu Shishi isn’t the only one who can time travel.

In the Legend of Zhen Huan (where Sun Li stars as the titular consort), the emperor Yongzheng is perpetually idealizing his deceased first empress. Netizens joke that this perfect woman was Ruoxi, and that Yongzheng looks so old in The Legend of Zhen Huan because he’s aged over from moping over Ruoxi.* …So, is the picture above an actual snapshot of Yong Zheng teasing Zhen Huan, or is it (as the media claims) Nicky Wu posing with Sun Li’s wax figurine?

On a similar note, good news! There is now one more copy of the Fourth Prince to go around, although you may have to use illicit methods to get ahold of him. Nicky Wu, bedecked in dragon robes, has just had his own wax figurine made by Madame Toussauds. He now joins celebrities like Fan Bingbing, Chen Kun, and Yao Chen, and (so adorably!) Huang Xiaoming, who also appear below the cut.

*…Although it kills the humor, note that this is a joke.

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Asides from the fact that Nicky Wu is alive and his wax figurine is not, there are more differences in their robes than between them.

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