Desert Melody will be broadcast as Legend of the Moon and Stars

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Now that it’s finally gotten SARFT approval, look forward to more high quality stills.

The upcoming drama starring Hu Ge, Liu Shishi, and Eddy Peng Desert Melody finally got the okay from SARFT, albeit as “Legend of the Sun and Moon” instead. The characters have had their names changed and the setting removed from the Han dynasty. jjss08 may be in the minority of people rejoicing not because it’s getting broadcast, but because it’s being de-historified. (As Yu Zheng did not anger SARFT or break rules with regards to his adaptation of Desert Melody’s sequel, Song in the Clouds, it would be too much to hope that Song in the Clouds will also be distanced from history). Since historical mainland dramas have to have some root in history (unless they deviate too much, in which case SARFT derailing happens) or be categorized as fantasy/wuxia, it seems that Legend of Moon and Stars has moved into the latter. As a reminder – Liu Shishi is a wolf girl who meets and falls in love with Hu Ge’s handsome scholar, but is pursued by Eddy Peng. Though, don’t worry, Hu Ge is also totally into her special shining eyes too. Cute cartoons of Liu Shishi’s costumes here.

Fortunately for Tangren, Chinese dramas (this one included) are almost always dubbed. The original name lives on in the theme song, Desert Melody, sung by Lan Yu and Wang Lin (here). Look below the cuts for stills that jjss08 can now share without snobby disdain.

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20 thoughts on “Desert Melody will be broadcast as Legend of the Moon and Stars

  1. Does anyone know what the tune being played throughout the series other than the theme song and the opening and closing songs? I think in part of the song the line Wo ye yi wan ni appears

  2. But it’s only gotten approval for filming so far, right? No approval for airing, and I read on weibo that the production time is a while, so they can’t be reviewed until at least then.

    • I was under the impression that they already started filming, and one of the reasons SARFT was angry was because of that? Pictures from filming shows that they’ve already done /a lot/ of the scenes.

        • That’s what I heard too, that they were done filming and couldn’t find a channel to broadcast it they weren’t approved by SARFT.

        • Yeah, but I don’t think they can air it until after the posted production time, otherwise it’ll be obvious they were lying about the production period (although it’s pretty obvious anyways….)

          • OH! it makes sense now xD it’s a charade~
            so song in the clouds will probably broadcast before it…not that they’re really related now ^^;

  3. When exactly did cdramas start dubbing? I’ve been watching a few older dramas recently with my parents, old as in from 2004, and they seem like they’re not dubbed? Or if they are, the did a much better job with the voice actors cause the words actually match and the girls’ voice isn’t incredibly annoying

    But this looks great! Love me some Hu Ge :)

  4. YESSSS OMG I officially gave up hope about an age ago, so this is really good news!
    IDGI why do cdramas dub? it irks me tremendously, I’d rather hear their not so pretty real voices than fake act-y ones lol (and the female voices tend to be high-pitched, which can get annoying)
    Cant wait!

  5. jjss08, your blurb profile is pretty awesome xD I can never think of what to write on that.
    Maybe the fact that this series is finally airing can encourage me to pick up the Da Mo Yao books!
    Any news as to the exact air date?
    Though I’m still displeased at how they did LSS’s hair and costume and Hu Ge looks like he needs more fat on his cheeks, stilll can’t wait to see this series. It’s been too long! (eddie peng is awesome)

    • aw, thank you! they haven’t set down an air date yet
      personally, I like that one vermillion-white costume a lot – I get such a Han dynasty feeling! <3 (…biasbiasbias) But I agree – some of her others costumes, especially that one where she's wearing an orange beanie….shudder…are questionable.

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