Super Boy 2013: Zuo Li Singing to “Miss Fan (Bingbing)”


Zuo Li is already starting to work off the cost of that ring…

Being the media favorite has its upsides and downsides. For one, more people knows your name, but with that comes close scrutiny of your personal life, as Zuo Li have come to learn. His relationship with his girlfriend and Miss Xiong herself have been the focus of much buzz on the internet.

But perhaps the media will turn their attention to another misses in Zuo Li’s life. Fan Bingbing have posted about how much she loved Zuo Li’s version of “Miss Dong“, in fact she brought the right to remake the song from the original composer. Zuo Li was personally invited by Fan Bingbing to sing the remake, which is to be used as a promotional song for Fan Bingbing’s new movie. Listen to it below.

Fan Bingbing will be appearing in this week’s Super Boy, whether she appears as a judge or guest is not yet clear. We’ll have to wait to Friday to find out.

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