Photoshoot Friday: August 9, 2013

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Zhang XInyi looks like she belongs in a romantic painting in her stunningly gorgeous photoshoot, and has accordingly won the cover photo for this week. Meanwhile Feng Shaofeng takes on an air of mystery for L’Officiel Hommes. Zhang Lanxin models swimsuits by the beachin a color saturated BAzaar shoot by the beach, while Ma Su takes a more black and white approach to her photoshoot. Actress JIng Tian goes for slightly more color. Rounding off this week’s Photoshoot Friday is Rhydian Vaughan, who relaxes only a little bit from his suit-bedecked character of Ting Times. Look below the cut for pictures!
01. Feng Shaofeng, with  more here.
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 photo 704_1050707_194956_zps7984f3e2.jpg
 photo 704_1050706_803472_zps82061751.jpg
 photo 704_1050705_258951_zps5586229b.jpg

02. Zhang Lanxin, with more here.
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 photo 704_1050902_356164_zpsdd2b8632.jpg
 photo 704_1050899_626275_zps45239652.jpg

03. Ma Su, more here.
 photo 704_1050679_697870_zps3dc71d02.jpg
 photo 704_1050682_931820_zps8cb3b148.jpg

05. Zhang Xinyi, more here.
 photo 704_1051239_739126_zps255d1b2b.jpg
 photo 704_1051237_679601_zps8fa679da.jpg

06. Rhydian Vaughan, more here.
 photo 704_1051779_366005_zpsa5612216.jpg
 photo 704_1051776_219466_zpsc71482a0.jpg
07. Jing Tiian, more here.
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 photo 704_1052642_407255_zpsc0428e92.jpg
 photo 704_1052641_155400_zps6ff44ac1.jpg

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