Super Boy 2013 Recap: More People Are Eliminated, the Top 10 Emerges!

Two weeks ago, Yu Tian earns the first spot on the Top 10 after performing One Republic’s “Apologize”. On August 2nd, the second group of Super Boy participants (made up of 10 people), aiming for the only 5 spots left. Let’s see how the boys did:

Yu Tian performs One Republic’s famous tune. The judges gave him an almost-unanimous  PASS but proceeded to tease Yu for choosing the wrong “head judge”.

Chen Kun’s favorite and undisputed good singer, Bai Jugang, covers “Sun”.

Babyfaced police officer Zhang Yangyang serenades Nicholas Tse (chosen head judge) with “Love is Very Simple”. Hehe. He’s pretty good.

Hmm.. Little alien brother, Hua Chenyu, again wows the judges with his ghost-dispelling interpretation of Adele’s “Somebody I Used to Know”. I guess his outlandish gestures and so-into-it performance is really what wins people over, not his Engrish. Would like to see him sing in Chinese for a change though.

Jia Chengqiang went for, this time, a sweet original piece dedicated to his father, titled “Ba Le Ba Dad” (a play on words for Dad, which is Baba in Chinese).


Zuo Li performs a ballad called “When I Am Old”, questioning a girl whether she will still find him attractive when he has gray hairs and wrinkles. His relationship with fiancee Miss Xiong is now blown into a high-profile topic, aiding in his popularity on stage.


Music genius Ning Huanyu performs “Regret”. He shows Chen Kun his transformation in terms of depending less on ‘music tricks’ that the Super Boy judge reprimanded him about earlier in the competition.

Rapper Ou Hao, performs a song that reflects what people are thinking of him: “Everybody Loves a Badboy”.

Yeah, so aiming-to-be-Chinese-Justin-Bieber Rao Wei and ukelele-toting Wang Qi ended up PK-ing and Rao Wei won with “Love’s Encouragement”.

The Controversial PK between Yu Menglong and Song Wei

Out of the three Super Boys given a ‘waiting’ (待定) by the judges, Yu and Song were chosen to compete against each other after Yang Yang is eliminated. Both singers get to choose one song to perform and then the audience votes. Yu Menglong performs Stephanie Sun’s sentimental “Black Black Sky” in his PK with fellow Super Boy Song Wei. The PK was between this performance and Song Wei, who did a cover of “Unparalleled Beauty” (Wu Yu Lun Bi de Mei Li/无与伦比的美丽) by singer Sodagreen.

Song Wei (宋伟)

Yu Menglong(于朦胧)

A Few of the Eliminated Singers:

Zheng Yongdan! This dubbed as ‘grassroots’ guitar-singer went from a waiter at a bar to where he is now, which is already impressive. Unfortunately, when performing “Youth”, he was eliminated by the judges.


At age 18 and still a music student, Yang Yang definitely could use a couple more years to learn and come back to the stage. But did he deserve to have another chance, at least for PK?


Julaiti, you look like Damon Salvatore with your fierce stare (right right?). He covers “You Have Me Here”.


Like Zheng Youdan, Fan Shiqi‘s performance of “Wings” is disappointing in comparison to the effort he gave when competing for Top 20.

Video sources: HuNan TV Channel (Youtube)

Who’s performance did you like best? And who do you think will get to Top 5??

7 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013 Recap: More People Are Eliminated, the Top 10 Emerges!

  1. I don’t think Adele has covered “Somebody that I used to know” : ( It’s by Gotye.
    Anyway…Hua Chenyu is no wonder the winner !!

  2. Hua Chenyu is so far ahead of everyone else (including Ning Huanyu) it’s not even funny. He’s just on a completely different level. Super Boy and eeMedia are lucky to have him.

  3. I think top 5 will be Yu Tian, Ning Hanyu, Zuo Li, Jia Chengqiang, and Hua Chengyu. Can someone explain the appeal of Yu Menglong? He sounds so bland and typical to me, and it never occurred to me that he was attractive either. I actually thought he looked “wimpy” when I first saw him.

    • I agree with you on Yu Tian, Hua Chengyu and Ning Huanyu. My personal list is: Bai Ju Gang (this guy is seriously underrated but I think he is talented enough for top 5), Zhang Yang Yang, Yu Tian, Hua Chengyu, and Ning Huanyu. we shall see tomorrow :)

      With his average singing, yea I’m surprised Yu Menglong even made it to this level. But then again, Rao Wei is also quite typical and no idea why he’s in top 10.

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