“Tiny Times 2” releases dark poster, trailer


Darkness has no bounds, but does their friendship?

If you watched Tiny Times 1 and thought the series was a teen comedy, you’re wrong. From drug rape to drug dealing, from bullying to blackmailing, part II turns all the seemingly innocuous jokes of part I into reality. And if all goes to plan, the 3rd movie will become a even darker business intrigue per the second book.  Finishing off the book Tiny Times 1.0, the second of the Tiny Times films airs this week, and has released some more gorgeous posters and trailers.

The trailer below for Tiny Times 2, which airs in mainland China today.

6 thoughts on ““Tiny Times 2” releases dark poster, trailer

  1. I really disliked the narrating at first, but now that I’m used to it the semi-gravelly sound seems pretty fitting~
    first LQ version now on youtube.

    • Well, there’s three books plus a sideplot, but I think the sideplot is already covered in the first movie (?) Not really sure since I’ve only read the first book. I think it’ll also depend on how this movie does. It did pretty good the two days, but if the first movie is any indication, the box office will go down pretty quickly after the first week.

  2. They aired it in Toronto……why not in ny…..the heck. Wonder when I’m gonna get to watch this.

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