Super Boy 2013: Wei Yining’s Original Song Attracts 2 Million Hits in 2 Days

Hm tell me who's cuter, those pandas or me?

Hm tell me what’s cuter, those pandas or my fluffy silver hair which I’ve gelled to perfection?

They say a true man gets himself back up after a fall. Suffering a slight set-back doesn’t seem to deter the popular Super Boy Wei Yining, who has made waves after the judges eliminated him in the Top 66 to 20 advancing round.

Wei Yining, backed by a throng of fans (known as Lime/Qing Ning/青柠), was the reigning champion in last week’s YY Fuhuo (Revival) – which is a stage where all eliminated contestants get a chance to be ‘revived’ based upon a weekly voting process. His latest performance, an original piece called “Little Fish 小鱼“, won him the coveted ‘weekly champion’, which is another step towards his dream of getting into Super Boy’s Top 5+1. The video of the performance garnered over 2 million video hits in 2 days.

With weibo quickly becoming a surefire way to measure popularity in China, Wei’s verified weibo account, among other Super Boy competitors like Fan Shiqi and Yu Menglong, already boast numbers in the 100k and above.

Wei Yining performing “Little Fish” in the second round at YY Fuhuo:

Wei Yining (left) poses in a picture with fellow Super Boy, Zhang Zifu

Wei Yining (left) poses in a picture with fellow Super Boy, Zhang Zifu

source: Hunan TV

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7 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013: Wei Yining’s Original Song Attracts 2 Million Hits in 2 Days

  1. I think they eliminated a lot of the idol/entertainer types because eeMedia’s already got quite a few of them. Based on the theme music and the top 20, I’d wager they were initially trying to tap into the Douban crowd. In the end, I have no idea why they eliminated everyone interesting and ended up with bland people like Rao Wei and Yu Menglong. At least there’s still Hua Chenyu and Ning Huanyu. Those two can probably wipe the floor with half of the contestants on the Voice of China. I really hope eeMedia doesn’t “waste” those two amazing talents. Xiao Qiang has amazing comedic timing, and his “Sister” song is actually a pretty good folk song. Too bad none of his other songs reached that standard. I really want to see him on TTXS again. His chemistry with the TT brothers is pure gold.
    It’s too bad the YY program doesn’t work on your computers. =( I actually find this competition a lot more interesting than the actual one. Tons of interesting people, more organized, better sound quality, and everyone gets to sing whatever they want. I don’t know if anyone records the whole competition, but if you go into the singers’ tiebas, the fans have recorded bits of it here and there. Also, the guys chat to their fans for 30min per day. Most of the good ones sing a few songs during that time too.

  2. Haha I find her pretty irritating too! She acts cute too :S Do anybody like Xiao Qiang’s character in Super Boy? He’s really funny and natural :) he might appear the same as Stephen Chow but I heard that Stephen Chow is not like what he seems on TV and so it’s really hard to find someone as sincere as him. In fact, he wanted to create a CD called Home that will have songs about his family. The MC jokingly said he should write one for his nephew but he said that he has to wait for a few years before he can compose one. I guess he really compose a song based on his real and true experience. Heh.

  3. Can someone explain to me how the YY Resurrection thing works? Does winning weekly champ actually add anything to their chances of being revived?

    Also congrats on your first post!

    • Thank you!

      As far as I know (from the videos): it seems that out of all the eliminatee Super Boys (like the 56 people currently) only one gets chosen to go back to the final showdown Top 5+1. Every week, there’s two groups made up of 16 people – one group is the top voted for 人气 and the other group is 幸运 whom are chosen based on a lottery – who compete for weekly champion. Not sure about how the weekly winnings contribute to overall chances either. Maybe gloria knows :)

      • Lol, that sounds like the strangest format ever. Did Wei Yining wing based on popularity or luck?
        Is the YY Revival thing broadcasted on YY and then just recap’ed on the XiangChangJiuChang show? Do they not have the full competitions somewhere? I wish they could work with another format since YY doesn’t work on my computer. T_T
        Sorry for all the questions, I obviously have not been following Super Boys that closely…

        Also, anyone else find Miss Dong from XiangChangJiuChang extremely annoying? She talks forever, and then shows less than a second of the Super Boys in their castle. I want to see them, not listen to her talk about them!

      • I don’t know what the weekly winning does for them, maybe it’s a point system? I’m still hoping eeMedia would sign a few more people not in the Top 10. People like Wei Yining, Fan Shiqi, and Xie Bingbing are meant to be entertainers, it’ll be a shame to let them go. I still wish I would’ve kept Qi Xiaolong (the 中国风 composer) and Wang Jing. At least my Ou Hao and Ning Huanyu are still around <3

        I don't have the yy program on my computer either, but a lot the performances are available on youku. And if you follow yy on weibo, they would post the performances too.

        Miss Dong isn't cutting out too much, the 24hr thing is so boring.

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