China’s favorite detective timetravels for “New Detective Squad”


What truer love is there than between a sociopath of a detective and his loyal sidekick?

Following Sherlock’s timetravelling to modern day London and New York, China’s favorite detective (sorry, Dee) also chose to get a taste of modernity in “New Detective Squad 新神探联盟.”  Set in an alternate universe Republican era, the Nesound-produced detective series again features the lovely trio of Judge Bao (Zhang Duo), his OCD bickering pal Gongsun Ce (Wang Kai), and their martial arts trained eyecandy sidekick Zhan Zhao (George Hu). Joining them are Kimi Qiao Renliang  and Li Xinru as villains, and Zhang Li as the doctor.

The trailer for the series fais to depict the cuteness of the characters:

The Nesound series has already finished airing in land channels, but begun airing four episode per day on CCTV1 and CCTV8 recently. Based on the CCTV title for the drama (New Detective Squad: Judge Bao’s coming), I think a sequel is already in order.

With all sorts of crazy awesome stuff like having a musical Ugly Betty, a Republican-era Wuthering Heights, and even a timetravelling detective series, Nesound really is one of my favorite production companies. They’re so good, even their red dramas are fun and thought-provoking. If only their dramas wouldn’t take two years to air, they woud be perfect. Upcoming from them include the timetravelling series, a red drama, a drama on young Confucius, and a TV adaption of The Flowers of War scripted by original author Yan Geling.

4 thoughts on “China’s favorite detective timetravels for “New Detective Squad”

  1. Alternate Universe? I thought SARFT doesn’t like history to be changed, which is why Da Mo Yao didn’t get approved?

    Anyway, GEORGE HU!! I’m so in love with him because of Love Around <3

    • I think the key issue that anti’s argued for was that it heightens ethnic tensions. … but also part of the reason is that it had started filming without a permit and then tried to air without one, which generally makes SARFT mad.
      I’m not sure if that’s the correct translation, just that it’s a 民国空架, so in a Republican era type setting, but free from any historical facts or restrictions.

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