Musical alert on “Flowers in Fog”!

What's better than awesome actors, Qiong Yao, and medieval castles combined? All those, plus dance numbers and music!

What’s better than medieval castles, awesome actors, and  Qiong Yao combined? All those, plus dance  and music!

Hunan TV’s “flower fields, ancient castle, romantic comedy drama” of the summer,  Flowers in Fog 花非花雾非雾,   definitely took me by surprise when in episode 2, a number of the main characters, music and dance students in France, broke out in choreographed dance and song.

Given that two of the leads, Zhang Rui and Li Sheng, play music students, they’re also prone to serenades.  The best thing is, both actors are actually really good singers and sings all their characters’s songs  themselves. Ruby Lin and Joo Jin-mo also find their romance through opera, but I don’t think they sing their own parts.

Watch Zhang Rui and company sing and dance in ep.2。 I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be more such scenes.

Also watch Zhang Rui serenade  Li Sheng in the drama below. You can also watch it graciously English subbed by OXONSubbing@YouTube, who I believe is also planning to sub the series.

7 thoughts on “Musical alert on “Flowers in Fog”!

  1. Updated with HD MV of the dance segment.
    I’m up to ep.8, and Zhang Rui breaks out in song pretty much every episode. <3
    Unfortunately, from the sound of the interviews for the making of the dance number, there won't be that many dancing in the future.

  2. Zhang Rui is so cheesy in love scenes. Actually no, I should say Qiong Yao dramas never fail to bring out the cheese :P
    I like that the colors of this drama are so vibrant and happy!

    Is Han Chengyu getting any scenes so far? He’s on the posters, but it seems that he’s just a minor supporting actor here. I liked him in Another Brilliant Life.

    • Qiong Yao is the cheesiest.
      So far, he’s in a lot of the scenes. Pretty much whenever Zhang Rui’s there, he’s there most of the time. I think he plays the Ertai role … starts off liking HZGG but is never really competition.

  3. Is it just me that feels like laughing whenever Zhang Rui and Li Sheng kiss? Reminds me of those scenes in HZGG.

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