Super VC: China’s Brit-rock sensation


Super VC keeps their indie feel despite going commercial

One of China’s most successful indie acts to emerge in the last decade, four piece indie rock band 果味VC (Super VC) are known for their accessible, modern sound fronted by the comforting vocals of Sun Lingsheng.

For me, Super VC was one of the first Chinese bands I learnt of, with Elegy in C being my favourite song from them. I find their first two albums much more endearing, perhaps because their move towards a more pop-rock mainstream sound takes away some of their flair. Great Restoration, I must concede, reflects a marked improvement in production quality, and is overall a good album. I particularly appreciate the dystopian feel in 1978. Hopefully what they have in store will only get better.

2001: Double Life 双重生命

With renowned produce Zhang Yadong behind their backs, Super VC hit it out big with their debut album. Touted as the next big thing in Chinese music, Super VC raked in numerous awards, topping the rock album charts. Solid brit-rock with a dash of bubbly pop and shoegaze melancholy, Double Life still has some of Super VC’s best hits.

2005: A Gift from Super VC 来自VC的礼物

All that talk stopped when frontman and vocalist Sun Lingsheng left for London to further his studies, forcing the group to disband to everyone’s shock and dismay. Thankfully, Sun returned and the band came back together to push out their sophomore effort, A Gift from Super VC. Greatly anticipated, the band didn’t disappoint, weaving a greater maturity and elegance into their signature sound.

Super VC – Elegy in C Live

2008: Great Restoration 伟大的复兴

Their latest album, Great Restoration was produced after Super VC transferred from Modern Sky label to producer Zhang Yadong’s personal record company. Ditching their emo youth image, the band donned three-piece suits, reflecting their maturity and sophistication. The entire album is very much a dedication to British legend The Beatles, infusing retro elements into their music. Frontman Sun, who writes most of the music, is a huge Beatles fan.

2010: Jupiter 3 

Super VC released an EP in 2010. There’s an obvious shift towards electronic sounds, and certainly a more pop-rock direction.

These days, the good-looking fellows have been busy working with local and international brands including Gucci and Vogue. Called the darlings of music festivals, the band has been touring around China, performing at this year’s Midi Festival in May, Yesanpo Music Festival in June, and most recently, Zhang Bei Music Festival a few days ago.

The group has just finished recording songs for their new album and are in the production stage.


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  1. Although I’m in general more interested in pop because I think pop has a greater cultural impact, Super VC is really interesting since they’re one of those indie bands who signed with a major label, yet somehow still acts indie. I can’t tell if Huayi isn’t trying to market them to a greater audience, or because they can’t … since Huayi Music is frequently a mess.

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