“The Palace” stands out with antique painting posters

Who would win in a cutest babyface competition? Zhou Dongyu or Zhao Liying?

Fan Bingbing and Guo Jingming are not the only ones taking a stab at producing films this year. Joinng them for the Qixi holiday will be drama writer Yu Zheng’s first film, “The Palace.” Starring Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Zhu Zixiao, “The Palace” the film will will follow yet another young maiden as she enters the Forbidden Palace.

As the only major period film of the summer, The Palace lives up the name with a beautiful set of antique painting posters. Unfortunately, I still think everything else  about the film screams horror film, but this set of painting-themed posters are rather pretty, as is the cast.

7 thoughts on ““The Palace” stands out with antique painting posters

  1. Omg absolutely gorgeous!! I have in mind a completely different movie based on these posters, compared to what will actually turn out… sigh if only

  2. yea we must admit, despite what yumama is known for, his promo stills and trailer are top notch quality and attention-grabbing…..

    • I actually think this trailer is a deviation from his usual bright-and-flashy thing, and is more reminiscent of the pastel tones of BuBuJingXin, except even more so. Not a fan. One of my favorite things about his dramas are the vibrant colors.

  3. Everything is just so pretty about this film..from the promo posters to the stills to the trailer. O__O I mustn’t get my hopes up!

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