Photoshoot Friday: August 2, 2013

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From Zhang Ziyi’s regal black and white, to Wu Xiubo’s brooding and Chen Xiaochun‘s scornful look of distaste, it seems that this weeks round up is centered towards elegance and darkness. Even Zhou Dongyu takes on a more mature persona, replete with red lipstick, and both Zhang Jingchu and LI Bingbing are sleek and sexy in a series of black. Jiang Jinfu tries to smolder while suiting up. Fan Bingbing didn’t seem to receive the message, though – as the exception, she is superhero-cute and has Batman, Spiderman, and Superman on a leash all at once. Watch out for her new movie with Aarif Lee on August 13th! 
01. Zhou Dongyu, more here.

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02. Wu Xiubo, more here.
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03. Chen Xiaochun, more here.
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04. Zhang Jingchu, more here.
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05. Fan Bingbing, more here.
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06. Jiang Jinfu, more here.
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06. LI Bingbing, more here.
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07. Zhang Ziyi, more here. And here.
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