Ni Ni goes wedding style for L’Officiel

 photo 704_1045799_881964_zps01cc5a8b.jpgIt’s a tough race between NI Ni and the Maldives (where she vacationed with boyfriend William Feng Shaofeng), trying to figure out who is more strikingly stunning. One of Ni Ni’s dresses also comes in as a close third. Or second, or first, depending on your aesthetic tastes. Look below he cut, in order to understand how difficult it was to choose just one picture for the cover of this post!

 photo 704_1045794_918193_zpsaa006199.jpg
 photo 704_1045786_262468_zps7665bcf1.jpg
 photo 704_1045797_759890_zpscee2abed.jpg
 photo 704_1045790_769028_zpsc2566eab.jpg
 photo 704_1045798_471477_zps0880e600.jpg
 photo 704_1045800_174802_zps35953eb8.jpg
 photo 704_1045805_222327_zps4782b0f1.jpg
 photo 704_1045785_588514_zps9dc63bad.jpg
 photo 704_1045796_512266_zps7c9f8bc5.jpg
 photo 704_1045789_700899_zps3bff668e.jpg
 photo 704_1045801_874447_zps00fcec37.jpg

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