Mystery Dinner poster released for Tiny Times 2


I think this must be the most-covered upcoming film series ever, but they have such great posters all the times that it’s hard to resist sharing them.

Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times 2 (based on the second half of the book Tiny Times 1.0) begins to move into the darker intrigues of the series as the clear cut relationships of part I begins to tangle into a mess of hidden intents, dark secrets, and business tricks. The Dinner poster focuses on a key scene in the first book, a birthday party turned mystery dinner, complete with host Amber Kuo and guests Yang Mi, Kai Ko, Li Yueming, Guo Biting (or Beating, whichever one’s worse), Calvin Tu and Xie Yilin.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Dinner poster released for Tiny Times 2

  1. I just watched it…
    It’s one of those guilty pleasure/feel good/chick flicks that you can watch over and over again. I think the best western parallel, because people are compare this to Sex&City, is probably Devil Wears Prada. Nothing in it can beat out an art film or a big budget historical epic, but all the characters are relatable on some level – whether it’s someone you are, you know, or want to be. There are moments, like Gu Li and Gu Yuan break up and Christmas bridge scene, that tugged at your heart strings. I thought Amber did a good job portraying Gu Li, of course coming from someone who still haven’t read the whole book.

    The actors and costume are just gorgeous <3 I didn't think Chen Xuedong was that good looking in the promo poster or on Happy Camp, but he is soooooo gorge in the film.

    Also… isn't it kind of taboo to date someone you share the same last name with?

  2. i’m so excited for the sequel/second part of this movie! i watched this movie on youtube last night and it was really entertaining. i mean, it’s not a critically acclaimed sort of movie but it’s one of those guilty pleasure ones LOL. plus, it helps that the mr. gongming / rhydian vaughan is so ridiculously goodlooking LOL.

    the second part looks a lot darker than the first one, so i’m excited!

        • I don’t have a problem with Yang Mi’s voice, but Guo Jingming’s voice was a little too crackly for me :S oh well, finally watched Tiny Times <3 I'm surprised it's so controversial; it's less focused on materialism than Beijing Love Story was, but I don't remember as much buzz over that? (I haven't read the books, though).

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