Music Monday: July 29, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week Yico Zeng (曾轶可) want to tell you about women’s secret, when Fu Xinbo is waiting for your love, just when Xianxi agreed to let go, and Zou Rong thinks the best love is when Xu Haixing is a flower, and Lai Weifeng is bad.

We’ve all been there, either at school or at the mall… how can there be no parking space?

New MVs

Yico Zeng (曾轶可) stars in her own MV for Women’s Secret 女人的秘密 from her album Flying Jian 会飞的贼, with Tiny Times’ Guo Biting. I’m assuming this MV is trying to play on a woman’s ideal self and actual self?

Fu Xinbo‘s second single Waiting For Your Love from his new album <Mr.X>. Directed by Taiwanese band CIRCUS‘s member Leo, this electronic dance track with a very small hint of hip-hop, is full of bright colors and cuteness dance moves.

Xianzi (弦子) revealed the MV to her new album’s title song Agreed to Let Go (说好就算了). The MV tell of how a sweet first love slowly turned into an abusive relationship, yet because of the girls attachment to those shared memories can not let go. On a lighter note, this MV was filmed when Jams Hsiao, aka rainstorm Hsiao, was in Beijing, so the crew had to improvise and make due with the rainstorm.

After a year old preparation and training, Universal Music‘s new face, Zou Rong (邹容) finally released his debut single Best Love (最佳恋爱). Universal Music invited famous producers such as Kubert Leung, Michael Au, and Tina Wang to oversee and polish Zou Rong’s debut single. This fun little pop song, paired with the colorful cartton-like MV will sure be a tween favorite.

With The Voice of China beginning it’s new season, what better time for a controversial alumna to release an album? Xu Haixing (徐海星) released the MV to her single I Am Hai Tang (Begonia) (我是海棠).

Sam Lai Weifeng (赖伟锋) celebrates the release of his self composed debut EP with the MV of the title track Bad (不赖). The MV, produced by Dan Xiaotian (单啸天) studio sxtvision, is a prequel to another track Have You Had Enough? (闹够了没有).


I will do a full Super Boy recap next week, once the Top 10’s determined. But I need to share one of by bb’s wonder performance. I get it, the judges prefer flower boys, but at least give my bb a chance to compete in final PK round! With Yang Yang gone, who’s gonna comfort and dry my precious Ning Huanyu‘s tears? </3

After being disappointed by Super Boy, I turned to The Voice of China for comfort. Zhang Xin singing Alicia Key’s Fallin’. You can watch the full episode here .

Another notable performance on The Voice of China is the one by these two “Post-80”, that is their combined age is over 80. I like how 1D’s song is playing in the background during their intro. You can watch the full episode here .

A touching performance on Superstar China.


The MV for Yang Kun (杨坤)’s Fast Gunman (快枪手) is actually a coffee commercial. So did you get the sudden urge to buy the product after watchign the MV?

Jennifer Li (李慧珍) singing the theme song to the new drama “Princess By Name“, starring Ady An and Tangren newbie Sun Yizhou.

Xie Ronger (谢容儿)’s cute MV for her single Sweet, from her third album Lonely 寂寞. The song also served as the theme song to the movie We Are All Bad Kids 我们都是坏孩子.

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  1. ok I’m superrr out of the cpop loop, basically dont really know anyone, except some names I’ve heard of before >< HAHA! my jaw kinda dropped when I saw the Meng Wen Hao MV… that was unexpected lol hilarious. I'm totally digging the zeng yi ke arrangement, and xu hai xing's song is great jam! I didn't really get the zeng yike MV though, it was just alot of pretty.

  2. Zeng Yike’s new MV + song is really pretty. Do you think Guo Biting or Zeng Yike plays the ideal girl? Because I feel like in this MV, Guo Biting is the weaker version who’s scared to speak her mind. But of course, she’s prettier …

    • I think it depends on what you consider to be “ideal” Some girls would rather be pretty than strong willed, while others would rather be strong willed than pretty, they represent opposite ends of a spectrum. For me, I think Guo Biting is the version I secretly hate but can’t help slip into. And Zeng Yike is the one I secretly admire but can’t bring my self to be. I think my ideal girl is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

      Not really related, but I watched Tiny Times, &I wanted to slap Guo Biting’s character when she when out to meet Jiang Chao that last time.

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