Street Style: C-Celebs romantic for summer

 photo 19142_290743_220780_zps63fb49ee.jpg

Zhang Xinyi can pull this off.

Here at Cfensi, we are supportive of pretty people regardless of where they are. With that, enjoy this edition of C-celebs in their Street Style, featuring celebs in “romantic” and colorful garb for summer. (A disproportionate number of them are wearing jackets, though).  Look below for Zhang Zilin, Wang Likun, Linda, Huang Jue, Tu Songyan, Li Zifeng, Yin Xu, Wu Jianfei, Li Hui, Lin Peng…

Yang Mi and boyfriend Hawick Lau also make an appearance. They put the romance into the post?

 photo 27824_1916644_826584_zpsf9aa8255.jpg
 photo 27824_1916645_962465_zps1a12145b.jpg

 photo 19142_290740_850212_zps1c5417aa.jpg

Wang Likun

 photo 19142_290744_198638_zpsdcaf15c3.jpg

Zhang Zilin

 photo 19142_290735_885829_zps9012dbb5.jpg

Linda (?)

 photo 19142_290736_683196_zpsc3f5164c.jpg

Huang Jue

 photo 19142_290739_219710_zps1662140d.jpg

Tu Songyan (his name means “loose rock”?)

 photo 19142_290738_671412_zps847f9f26.jpg

Li Zifeng

 photo 19142_290741_749239_zpsf56eee0c.jpg

Wu Jianfei

 photo 19142_290742_604542_zpscd16a0f8.jpg

Yin Xu

 photo 19142_290745_543658_zps7587feb0.jpg

Lin Peng

 photo 19142_290737_900875_zpsdf854823.jpg

Li Hui

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2 thoughts on “Street Style: C-Celebs romantic for summer

  1. Wow they all have such gorgeous shoes. O____O my favorite ones are Li Hui’s, I love the color and the cutouts. Not like I’d be able to walk in those high heels though. :P

    • Same here. But that blue is so hard to find something that wouldn’t clash with it =/ You can’t wear more bright colors, but then if you don’t all you see is shoes.

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