Chinese Idol’s American Dream in China


This week’s theme is based on judge Huang Xiaoming‘s recent throwback movie American Dream In China. The promo clip for the 10 to 8 round is reminiscence the simple 80s – the end of high school, the thick geek glasses, the first love. They may never get another chance to be together like this again. The full episode is available on youtube.

I didn’t get a chance to watch this episode yet, but from what I have read, some of the highlights will be:

  • A touching moment between James and his mother
  • Goddess Yangjima PK Heartthrob James
  • Han Hong getting angry about an elimination, and hinting that the show’s fixed…?

Unfortunately I can’t find an HD version of this promo

Is the producer trying to set up a ship play matchmaker?

1 thought on “Chinese Idol’s American Dream in China

  1. I just watched the episode. Yeah, the thing with James and his mother was pretty cute. They spoke to her in English, and she replied in Mandarin, so the whole conversation was kind of strange (she’s a Cantonese speaker), but still cute.
    That being said, I don’t think James is on the show based on his talent…

    And am I the only one who thinks Yangjima is not good? All her performances are the same, even in last week’s 改变自己 theme. And literally half of the time, she’s doing this not-really-singing-but-humming-lalalaing sort of thing… I don’t think I quite get her appeal…

    Ah, Chinese Idol started out with so much promise. The audition rounds were really good! And now… [sigh]

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