“Singing with Kids” potentially the best singing competition of the season

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Not going to lie, this is so far my favorite competition of the year so far.

The kids version of the Voice, with the four judges (Yu Quan, Aska Yang, and Chen Ming)  pressing a button to build a “rainbow bridge” for the kids they want, and then the kids picking the one they want as a coach.  In addition to lots of adorable kids, great singing, the interaction between the coaches are also extremely cute.   Some highlight performances of the show far.  “Singing with Kids” airs on Golden Eagle Cartoon every Sunday.  You may also catches glimpses of the performances on Taiwan’s CTV, which has been airing the show through “news clips” in a similar fashion as “I am Singer.”

Wang Ruizhuo is no doubt one of the teachers’ favorites. Aska Yang has already proclaimed her to be a future queen of music. Listen to her cover of a true queen, Stephanie Sun’s “Dreams never fall.”

12-year-old Miao girl Yang Xizi sings a folk song, 边边妹美边边:

With a voice much maturer than his age, 12-year-old Hu Jianyu covers Wang Feng’s ballad “In the Spring.” A cover of Angela Zhang’s Invisibile Wings included as a bonus by 13-year-old Gu Zhe.

6-year-old Bai’erna wondering why there must be a thing called ice cream in this world to torture her:

Youngest Best Actress of the latest Shanghai Film Awards, 10-year-old Crystal Lee heads the group of TV regulars with My Pride:

12-year-old Zhong Chenle uses his crystal clear voice to cover Billy Gilman’s One Voice.

The ultra hyper Huang Yibo, also the star of a Golden Cartoon TV series along with fellow contestant Xinel:

Liu Shuchen covers a Yi folk song, Don’t be afraid:

Zhang Yuqi covers A-mei’s “Dreamer in the Sky”:

And last but not least, a surprisingly comfortable voice from  Aisin Gioro Jasmyn:

4 thoughts on ““Singing with Kids” potentially the best singing competition of the season

  1. Some of these kids are really talented. But I’m sure I watched a performance that was entirely lipsynced… I just don’t remember which one it was. Hrm…

    • All of the group performances are lip-synched. I don’t think the others are since there’s been several cases of the kids going off key and semi-panicking, and one kid forgot her lines.

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