Gorgeous Cast of Queen of SOP II


Dare I say, the cast of Queen of SOP II is even better looking than the cast of Tiny Times.

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are back with the second installment of the Queen of SOP series. In this series, Zheng Shuang will be playing a double role, similar to Janine Chang’s role in Fairytale in Half. The cast of Queen of SOP II also include a second male lead I can’t find any information on Di Jie (狄杰), Jessie Chiang, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and MC turn actor Sun Xiaoxiao.

Some of you may have noticed that while Zhang Han have been busy filming various dramas since Meteor Show, Zheng Shuang have been MIA, occasionally reappearing to support Zhang Han in his dramas. But this year will be different, Zheng Shuang decided (or maybe forced by her company) to venture out on her own – she’s currently filming Mystical Sword (古剑奇谭) with Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Qiao Zhenyu, and Ma Tianyu. Zheng Shuang have also been cast as the female lead in Jiang Hua Yi Jiu (江淮依旧) alongside Perter Ho. And apparently, there will be a Meteor Show 3 this year.

Watch the trailer below and pretty concept photo/stills below the cut.

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32 thoughts on “Gorgeous Cast of Queen of SOP II

  1. The cast for SOP Queen I is so much better! Zhang Han and Qiao En are so good together! I really don’t understand why some directors love to use different cast on different seasons/part of some movies and dramas because they just practically don’t match! Why not just give the drama with different casts a different name instead?

    • When I found out that there was gonna be SOP Queen II, I was happy. But when I saw that the female lead was changed to Zheng Shuang, I was like …. not the HanShung couple thingy again…?

    • The drama did originally have a different name – 胜女的时代, but I think broadcaster chose to tag on a one to ride off the success of the first one. Also, I think most of the issue is with the script. Zhang Han’s character is kind of annoying in the second one, whereas his character in the first one was close to perfect.

  2. I thought it will be a continous version of the first queen of sop. Sad… If the story is different from the first one, why is it called Queen of sop 2? Queen of sop 2’s story line is so confusing. Althought the actors are good looking but they don’t match.

  3. Lol the lead girl slapped herself???
    I think I’ll still prefer QUEEN SOP I, I prefer zhang han and joe chen!! Tang Jun and Xiao Jie ‘s chemistry is so good!!!

  4. I like Tang Jun in queen of SOP (Zhang Han). Why Queen of SOP II? Is it a sequel?…Really confusing for me.

    • Me too! I wish it was a continuation of SOP first season. This one seems so different; if they’re making something totally different, I think they should just change out Zhang Han because personally I can’t think of him as anything but Tang Jun who can only go with Chen Qiao En/Xiao Jie.
      I am eager for this season….but I cannot for the life of me make out the plot…I am so utterly confused by the trailer.

  5. “And apparently, there will be a Meteor Show 3 this year.” As in a season 3 of “Meteor Shower” No way! I hope it’s true. We need to see their wedding and I hope they do into the fake cousi storyline, IF the rumor is true lol

  6. I have to say that even though Zhang Han doesn’t have a perfect face (admit it, his facial features isn’t that great compared to Yang Yang or Jiang Jin Fu or Wallace Huo or Yan Kuan)
    But he does give off that “hot guy” vibe.
    So when he’s character is supposed to be a “hot guy”, it still works out.
    Apparently it’s a pretty big budgeted drama and HunanTV’s most anticipated drama of the summer. So I probably will be watching it just for the aesthetically pleasing factor.

    • When I first came to know of Zhang Han, it wasn’t his appearance I fell for, but his voice. There’s just something about it that’s strangely soothing and just draws you in. *__*

      Agreed on the aesthetics. I didn’t think anything could beat the original drama’s gorgeous stills, which I have hoarded somewhere in my computer, but this blows me away as well.

      • YES. I totally agree! The thing that initially drew me to Zhang Han was definitely his voice. It’s like both soothing and sexy as hell at the same time

  7. waited almost a whole year for this… better be good. and looking forward to meteor garden 3!! :)

    • Did you watch Yang Yang’s republic drama 终极征服 with Zhang Jiani? I watched the first two episodes on youtube, it’s pretty good. Yang Yang is perfect for the role. &&He’s lead =)

      • Yes! He’s the cutest thing ever in it. He really is perfect for the role-sweet, innocent, but also disciplined with military training. I wish he could be in more such adorable modern roles.

  8. *Picking up my jaw* Gosh they’re a good looking cast, almost as hot as the first one, you really weren’t kidding. I must say that Zhang Han is definitely one of those actors who looks better in modern dramas rather than period dramas because his ears stick out like a sore thumb, but he’s still cute though.

  9. Yay – I’ve missed seeing Zheng Shuang. Saying that though I really think she should have chosen to do movies instead of TV series since she really had the perfect platform to go onto the silver screen after Painted Mural

      • Ooh, thanks! He gives off kind of a Kim Jaewook feeling. Is that just me? Hopefully there’ll be more on him soon!

    • I finally figured out why Di Jie looked so familiar when I first saw these stills… He looks like an older mature version of Lay O_o

      Maybe a little of Kim Jaewook and Jang Geun Suk, but it’s probably due to the hair style.

  10. At least this cast is much better than Tiny Times the drama….

    I read that the potato fairy from Tangren’s the female lead opposite Peter Ho. I feel like either of those girls paired with Peter Ho is weird.

    But super happy for Zheng Shuang. The Sword role sounds perfect for her, although I have a suspicion Zhang Han helped her get the role since the cast consists of many people who’s worked with Zhang Han.

    • Peter Ho really need to get out of the first love/young love genre. I wanted to watch Li Qin’s Shining Days but her love interest is played by Peter Ho. Why?!

      I wonder if this means Zheng Shuang is going to start doing her own thing. I’m sure she hasn’t been sitting at home all these year twirling her thumbs, and waiting for Zhang Han to come home… Maybe she’s just selective about her roles?

      • Peter Ho’s not the worst actor, but he keeps going for all these roles that have roles that he simply does not meet…
        I feel like then she must be super selective, except she had three terrible dramas in a role after meteor shower…admittedly, her parts were really cute, but the series as a whole is always terrible.

      • Well Zheng Shuang is young anyways, Zhang Han is almost 30 so yea no surprise he’s picking up pace over the last couple of years.

        LOL Peter Ho. He should really retire to behind-the-scenes production crew. Or even invest in new dramas. Or just stop playing the hot guy. Sorry Peter may be slightly good looking back in 风云 days but that was practically 10 years ago

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