Music Monday: July 22, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week’s Music Monday includes HIT-5 in a sleepless city, Lu Hu being lazy on a rainy day, Li Wei enjoying his life, Wu Yi reluctant to forget something, Chae Yeon singing a sad song in Chinese, Ah Si eating fried chicken, Qi Ya stalking people on campus for her MV, Sun Jian and Li Daimo being depressed, and a song about legend of a mermaid.

After 15 years together, Yu Quan is still the most beautiful.

Audio Tracks

A ballad Sleepless City 不夜城 from HIT-5‘s new album.

A Lazy Rainy Day 很扯的雨天 is another single from Lu Hu “debut” album.

Li Wei‘s new song Enjoy My Life.

Wu Yi‘s new song Reluctant to Forget.

New MVs

Chae Yeon‘s new Chinese song You Don’t Long Me 你不再爱我. I’m starting to classify her under cpop since she’s signed to a Chinese company and have only been active in China for the past few years.

Ah Si‘s new song I’m At People’s Square Eating Fried Chicken 我在人民广场吃炸鸡. Chinese Idol contestant Xu Mingming performed this song last week.

Newcomer Qi Ya (齐雅) release the MV to her song Sun After Rain 雨过之后的太阳.

Tang Trio Band released the MV for their single Fang Xiao Tong from their new album One and a Half.

Sun Jian release a rather depressing MV after waiting for his princess, If You are Happy Then Everything is Bright 你若安好便是晴天.

Li Daimo thinks love is A Simple Matter 简单的事.

Theme Song

Theme song to HNTV’s Mermaid Legend, starring Zhao Liyin. The cast of Mermaid will appear on Happy Camp next week along with the cast of Fog to Smoke.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: July 22, 2013

  1. Hey! I was wondering if there are sites out there that are good resources to dig mainland Chinese music, especially indie music. Cpop seems rather lacklustre. Thank you!

    • I just want to say I don’t know mainland’s indie and underground music scene that well, but I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction.

      The English website fareastvibes have a lot of mainland indie stuff, though most of it is Chinese hiphop. But Chinese website… maybe try 独立音乐 tieba? Or 1ting’s indie album recommendation list

      Modern Sky is the biggest indie label in China, so their artist roster and albums are probably a good place to start. Also, Modern Sky Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival have a lot of indie artists, you can look through those performance rosters and search for fancams on Chinese video sites.

      Hope this helped (at least a little?)

      • Hey! This is great! Thanks! I’ll definitely let you know if I find good stuff ^^
        P.S. Any interest in featuring more indie stuff here on Cfensi?

        • Only if you write for us =) lol
          I can try. Are you dramarathon? Maybe if you send me your recommendation, I can do an indie focused Music Monday in a few weeks.

          • haha! yeah i’m dramarathon lol :S awesomez I’ll send you when I get through enough stuff, 1ting so far has shitloads lol. but damn writing is tempting aha, is the commitment req really just once every 2 weeks? you guys seem to post every day… thanks anyway :)

              • haha! that’s tumblr for me :P
                hmm you know I’ve been thinking and I wanna try writing out, but just for indie music stuff. how are you guys with that? I can do a draft or sth and you can see how it goes? From your music monday posts, it seems like you guys focus more on introducing the latest stuff across a broad range of artists, rather than in-depth focus on specific artists, should I do that? I’m thinking of doing posts by ‘genres’, like indie rock groups, post-rock, folk etc. haha let me know? my username is my gmail, or just hit me up on tumblr

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