Super Boy 2013: Second Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

This week we saw the elimination of almost all of the pretty boys, as well as all the “elders”. The most surprising result from this week is the elimination of Wei Yining, who’s vocal isn’t the best but isn’t any less than media’s favorite Zuo Li. I really hope Wei Yining’s popularity will help get him into the Final Top 5 round at the end. The least surprising result is the elimination of Li Xiang’s Han Chengyu, the show producer wouldn’t let one of their own through in case people start saying the show’s fixed.

I still think there should be a serious producer on the judges’ panel, because at the end of the day Super Boy isn’t about finding just a musician or a singer – it’s about finding the next big celebrity in the music industry. Just because you can hold a tune, or can compose, or can dance, or is good looking doesn’t mean you’ll make it. I don’t think people who work in front of the camera can see the celebrity quality as clearly as a producer or other people who work behind the scenes.

There is no real elimination in this year’s Super Boy. Everyone who’ve been eliminated will continue to perform and gain fans through via internet radio and web votes. The person with the most vote at the end will get to PK the Final Top 5 Super Boys. Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below.

Straight Into Top 20

Geng Qi (耿琦) performing an original I Don’t Want to be Like Them 我不想和他们一样. I want him to be in the Top 10 just because I’m curious to see how eeMedia will promote him… that’s gotta be very interesting to watch.

Anesthetist Ake Jiang (阿克江) performing Han Hong’s In That Distant Place 在那遥远地方. Maybe he should just sing to the patients to numb them in the future?

Rao Wei (饶威) performing Daniel Powter’s Bad Day. He’s dream is to become the Chinese Justin Bieber… I can maybe see him becoming the next Wu Junyu.

Fan Shiqi (范世琦) performing Yoga Lin’s Eat What I See 看见什么吃什么. He knows how to pick a song that suits him and is good looking, but he’s more boy band material than a soloist. Do you think he’ll make it into Top 10?

Getting a Second Chance

Zhao Yuchen (赵浴辰) performing Zhao Chuan’s I Finally Lost You 我终于失去了你.

Bakery owner Ou Hao (欧豪) performing his audition song Hey Bro 嘿哥们儿 as a tribute too all his bros from this year’s Super Boy. He’s performance of Sammi Cheng’s Letter to Love 信者得爱 shows that he’s going the hiphop/rap route. Seeing how eeMedia changed Su Xing’s style after Super Boy 2007, if Ou Hao makes it into Top 10 will eeMedia change his style too?

Bai Jugang (白举纲) performing Adele’s To Make You Feel My Love.

Yu Menglong (于朦胧) performing Angela Chang’s Lost Beauty 遗失的美好.

Yang Yang (杨洋) performing Victor Pin Guan’s What Those Girls Taught Me 那些女孩教我的事. His first performance of Stefanie Sun’s First Day 第一天 was just as good. How are we going to distinguish him from Super Girl Yang Yang and actor Yang Yang?

Wang Qi performing his own remake of Panther Band’s Shame 无地自容. Pinned against pretty boy Yan Yuhao, I thought Wang Qi would be eliminated for sure. But after hearing Yan Yuhao butcher Ralph McTell’s Streets of London, there’s no way the judges can pass him.

Surprising Eliminations

Basically the eliminations that I don’t understand or eliminations that would not have happened if this was just a singing competition with no outside agendas, such as signing with eeMedia to become an idol/celebrity. First are the eliminations I didn’t understand before I when digging through the rumor mill.

Wei Yining (魏一宁) performing a song that is obviously not within his range – Those Years 那些年. You can see from his previous performances that he can sing and knows how to pick his songs. There are rumors flowing around as to why he didn’t pass in the first round and was later eliminated despite his popularity and fan approval…

Wang Bowen (王博文) performing I Love You 我爱你, well I love you too. Wang Bowen’s previous performance and audition proves that he can sing. But alas, he when through The Chinese National Tennis Team‘s boot camp training last year, so he is now probably government property in training for international competitions. Some people are saying he’s going to be the next Zhang Jike…

Wang Jing (王晶) performing To Youth 致青春. This performance may not be as fun as I Can 我能欻 or as personal as Song for Ma Bro 送给兄弟的歌, but not bad enough to be eliminated (when you compare it to the people who passed).

90Tribe performing an acapella version of Song Zuying’s Spicy Belle 辣妹子.

7 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013: Second Half of 66 to 20

  1. I thought the preliminaries was a fun watch also:
    Thanks for the post! Its cool to have more people talking about this show. Some of the fan favorites didn’t make it, but hey – At least they have that revive thing so the popular ones can get voted back. Personally, I hope Wang Bo Wen, Ma Chen, Wen Yining and Wang Jing come back! Love those guys.

  2. i feel so disappointed with this year super boy…… what’s the point of eliminating when they still keep them….

  3. I honestly feel like there’s someone working the strings in the background. When I went through the top 20 and researched them for their very first audition, I was very surprised that a lot of the top 20 maybe only got 8seconds, or 15 seconds, or 30 seconds of broadcast time during the first audition. People who got to sing a whole 3 minute song during the auditions got eliminated though D:

    • Wouldn’t that mean there’s no blackbox voting since the people who got a lot of screen time earlier did not pass on? I feel like the selection of people are pretty in line with the judges’ preferences, although the judges’ preferences are not my favorite …

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