Photoshoot Friday: June 19, 2013


Wang Likun is getting her self ready… are you?

This summer is about to get a little hotter with this week’s photoshoot Friday. This post started out as a fancast for Feng Qiu Huang (凤囚凰), but with this many eye candies it’ll be a sin not to share. Today’s specials include Wallace Huo enjoying coffee, Huang Xiaoming learning how to ride a bike, Chen Xuedong and William Feng spending some down time at a bar, Shawn Dou and Ran Xu chilling at the beach, and more.

Wallace Huo (霍建华) enjoying a cup of coffee with his newspaper in the morning.

Chen Xuedong (陈学冬) taking the afternoon off in a bar.

Chinese Idol contestant Bao Wenxi (包文熙) deep in thought for Men’s Style.

Shawn Dou (窦骁) chilling on a rock at the beach for ELLE Men.

nullKevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) lost in thought in a thrift store for The Bund.

Li Yifeng (李易峰) for Harper’s BAZAAR Men’s Style.

Ran Xu (冉旭), Andy Lau hand-picked lead for his new movie
Singing When We Are Young also starring Baby Zhang, hanging out at the beach.

nullEddie Peng (彭于晏) trying on the bad boy look in The Bund.

nullQiao Zhenyu (乔振宇) turning up the summer heat.

nullHuang Xiaoming (黄晓明) learning how to ride a bike while carrying a… boat pedal?

nullSun Jian (孙坚) taking a stroll on the boardwalk

nullYe Xiangming (叶项明) – being this good looking should be a crime.

nullLiu Ye (刘烨) shows you how to properly chill on bed in a suit.

nullChen He (陈赫) telling his bff Woody “you’ve got a friend in me”.

nullDeng Chao (邓超) trying really hard to look cool in Bazaaar.

nullWilliam Feng (冯绍峰) drinking away his loneliness alone when Ni Ni is away filming her new rom-com Up In The Wind with Jing Boran.

nullIdol contestant James striking an awkward pose for Cosmopolitan.

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