Music Monday: July 15, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

It’s Monday again! This week we have two great live performances from G.E.M. and Jolin Tsai, Xu Liang wants a Peaceful Breakup, Li Daimo is hurt, Ramen Boy Lu Hu.

Goodbye Youth

Xu Liang (徐良) original song Peaceful Breakup 和平分手.

Li Daimo (李代沫) is hurt.

Niko Sun Zihan (孙子涵) Have you been well 最近还好么

Lu Hu (陆虎) Ramen Boy (花吃泡面男)

G.E.M. is Intoxicated.

Jolin Tsai‘s special performance of The Great Artist at the Golden Melody Award.

The theme song to the upcoming HNTV drama Flowers in Fog.

Fan Weiqi singing the theme song to the upcoming movie starring Bai Baihe.

5 thoughts on “Music Monday: July 15, 2013

      • Yep. I’m surprised she didn’t add Ben-Jio… The stills released so far look so pretty and idol-drama like but the synopsis sounds like it’s gonna be an angst.

        • I feel like most of her dramas are pretty angsty and dramatic… I’ve always thought the reason why HZGG was so successful was because it’s the most cheerful a dn fun of her dramas, but then came HZGG 3… (And the remake)

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