11 thoughts on “Survey: Which singing competition are you watching?

  1. LUSANJIE (“Three Sisters from Lu” !? ) as shown in CCTV-15 Music, showing brandnew female singers, many with great talents from all around China.

    It’s a magnificent singing contest, being aired at present.

  2. Was watching Chinese Idol up until recently… The format of the show is really annoying, not to mention I think the hosts are terrible. Shame, because I really liked the judges. But it’s okay, The Voice has lived up to my expectations so far ^^

    • [sigh] I know, right? The format ruins Chinese Idol for me. The talent is reasonably good. And I really like the judges. And I especially like the vocal coach (finally, someone calls them out for not being able to harmonise). But the way they run the show is stupid. Eliminating people, bringing back people… eliminating the people who had already gotten through… = __ =
      They should have all the idols perform individually and do a television audience vote at the end to eliminate the contestants, as they do in every other Idol production around the world.

      But to end on a positive note, this made me laugh out loud (from 3:55):

      • Studio audience or television audience? How long is this show? Because Super Girl had to cut down the time due to some SARFT rule. I think Super Girl/Boy is the only one that has ever down viewer voting.

        • Chinese Idol has a studio audience vote, but I don’t like that format. The length seems to vary, but this week’s episode(s) went for three hours all up, or around that? But usually it’s only around twoish or less hours.

      • Yeah, I really disliked how they brought back the eliminated contestants, it was so incredibly unfair to the contestants who were already in the Top 12. And then for the online voting, I don’t like how they opened up the voting at the beginning of the performances rather than the end. It was obviously more about the individual contestant’s popularity than how well they actually sang… It also seemed like the already eliminated ones had an advantage because they performed first? The whole thing was a huge disadvantage for people like Sun Ziyou and David who might not have big fanbases in the Mainland to rely on (and they were targeted first in competition too =_=). IDK SO many problems :/

        I really thought Sun Ziyou should’ve gone farther, it’s ridiculous that he got essentially replaced by someone not even in the Top 20. Not hating on Xiao Kun, I always thought she was great, but her getting through just made the whole thing seem ridiculous. T_T

        But LOL Bei Bei was hilarious

      • Super Boy is using a similar method this year. Everyone eliminated from now on until the Top 5 get a chance to come back for the 6 to 5 round based on internet votes… wtf? But I guess it makes sense for eeMedia to sign someone who has a large enough fanbase to push them back into the top after being eliminated.

        Super Girl used to be 3 hours or something, but they had to cut it down to keep the viewer voting system due to some new rule. I would love for all these shows to include viewer vote but I think the rule is basically making the producer choose between show quality and audience participation. Though… I think the rule was really only targeting Super Girl/Boy because it is both live and based on viewer votes.

        I heard Zhang Liyin is going to be on The Voice?

        • I think she was axed at the last minute (something about The Voice producers already having a relationship with JYP?) Poor girl, have you heard her singing Listen? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpBqmQRiXwE I feel like it suits her situation perfectly :/
          Anyways I feel like The Voice is attracting a lot of artists that are already “established” (there were 2 first ep I think)

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