You could be an extra in Transformers 4. Enthusiasm!

This guy? He might be the next big thing. And you? Well… you might be in the background, flailing in despair, as giant alien robots destroy your livelihood and all that you hold dear.

While China’s next batch of action stars might be taking a more novel approach to potential superstardom, a much less glamorous, much less well-paid route awaits cfensi‘s American readers!

Slated to be a joint US-China co-production, the team for the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is looking for a whole bunch of Chinese adults (18+) for non-speaking roles over in its stateside filming. Sure, extras are usually uncredited, underappreciated, minimum wage earners. But an impressive performance can go a long way in launching a career in acting.

Helmed by director Michael Bay, Transformers 4 will feature Li Bingbing alongside Hollywood veterans Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer.

Filming will take place in the Lansing area of Michigan, so you might have to travel. Extras will be compensated for their work, however. (Plus, and I can’t guarantee the veracity of this, I heard that there will be free sandwiches available.)

Interested parties can sign up and submit their head shots, full-body shots and 3/4 shots with Real Style talent agency here. (The $15 registration fee is waived for applicants towards Transformers 4.)

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “You could be an extra in Transformers 4. Enthusiasm!

  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by to say that I appreciate these types of job posts. Last time cfensi did a post on modeling career for Huayi Bros and I actually had a friend who met that criteria and did modeling (though they didn’t end up applying since they weren’t in China at the time) but still really cool to see one of those posts! Could end up giving opportunities to somebody out there who reads cfensi.

  2. GLORIA!! Do you know any films that want extras in Chinese films?
    I’m currently in China right now. And how did you find this?? You’re great!!

    Please email me back!!

  3. Off-topic, but the guy in the picture looks so much like Daniel Henney that it’s kind of weird. O_O

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