Super Boy 2013: First Half of 66 to 20

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

The rule of this round is suppose to be (for each group) 2 minute performance each, one performer, four challengers, one pass, two elimination. But again, the judges didn’t follow the rules and passes more in some groups, or eliminated more in some groups. (though more should’ve have when to the “to be determined” group) Watch the first night here, and the second night here. Selected performances with comments below.

With live broadcast comes imperfections, but not much in this week’s 66 to 20 knockout round. The only real complain I have is the limited time for judges comment – the four judges have 180 seconds total to give five contestants constructive criticisms. Since judges’ comments are timed/limited, the show should’ve selected mandarin fluent producers or musicians as judges or limited MC’s talk time more. Let’s be honest, He Jiong and Wang Han are variety show hosts and they talk a lot even when they are trying not to; Nicholas Tse‘s hesitant mandarin speech, though the comments are always great, takes time away from the other judges; Tao Ching-Ying and Chen Kun knows how to make the show interesting, but it eats up time. However, all the judges got better at timing their comments on the second night, including more comments from Li Yuchun.

First Half of Top 20

Waitress Zheng Yongdan (郑永单) performed Karen Mok’s Suddenly (忽然之间). He has a voice that is perfect for songs about heartbreak… </3

Jie Jie's precious little brother Jia Shengqiang (贾盛强) performed another original composition called An Inch of Grass on the Street (陌上寸草).

Praised by Nicholas Tse for having the potential to become the Chinese Ricky Martin, Yu Tian (于湉) performed a blue song from Shawn Rolling Freedom (自由自在).

Police officer (in training?), who wants world peace, Zhang Yangyang (张阳阳) performed Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.

Zuo Li performed Zhao Lei’s Southern Bell (南方姑娘). I really hope they wouldn’t be hated on later, it’s not their fault the show’s highlighting their relationship so much.

Sichuan Music’s prodigy Ning Huanyu (宁桓宇) really is a good student, he took Chen Kun’s word to heart and showed he is capable of emotion. Ning Huanyu performed Eason Chan’s Your Backpack (你的背包). I will call it now – he’s going to be in the Top 12.

Song Wei performed Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

Zuo Li and Ju Laidi’s Martian friend Hua Chenyu performed Thirty Seconds To Mars’ The Kill. Since all three passed, can we just nickname these three as The Three Musketeers?

Mongolian singer Ha Sa performed Wang Feng’s You are My Beloved Girl (你是我心爱的姑娘). For effect, Chen Kun brought up Ha Sa father’s passing a few weeks prior…

Ex-RTA Teen member Ju Laidi easily passed with his original rap Prophecy (预言).

People that didn’t make it but deserves mention…

Wang Jing performed a Shanxi folk song I Can Chua (我能欻) that totally deserved a pass. Does anyone know what Chua (欻) means?

Young Zhong Guo Feng composer Qi Xiaolong performed his original Riverside Faerie (临江仙). But was eliminated… WHY?!

Wei Yining (魏一宁) performed his original work Happiness Door (幸运大门) but was placed in “to be determined”. If this song is all his own, including the backtrack, then it’s quite impressive – more impressive then the guys playing keyboard or guitar.

Canadian flowerboy Yan Yuhao (严禹豪) was pretty much saved by his popularity and was place in “to be determined” instead of being eliminated right away. Pretty boy performed Karen Mok’s The World Outside (外面的世界).

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  1. Someone dug up old fb photos of Zuo Li’s gf kissing some white guy, with the caption “superboy Zuo Li’s gf cheating on him”…. ok first of all, I don’t know how long they’ve together but the date on those photos were from last year. The guy is probably an ex… unless having an ex is considered cheating now? Leave the poor girl alone, Zuo Li signed up for the competition to impress her parents, why are people trying to break them up?

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